Podcast | The State of ESG Reporting Requirements and Mandates

ESG reporting is garnering a growing amount of attention today, particularly among board members seeking to understand and possibly comply with specific requirements in their country or their industry. But when it comes to ESG reporting, there are a lot of questions. Who specifically is required to issue these ESG reports? Who is issuing them voluntarily? And more importantly, what do organisations need in order to issue them in terms of data and operational processes?

In this latest episode in our Board Perspectives podcast series, we talk with Protiviti managing directors Jonathan Wyatt and Chris Wright regarding these issues. They offer some great insights that should be especially interesting to board members in a broad range of organisations.

Jonathan is the European regional leader for Protiviti, and Chris is the global leader for Protiviti’s Business Performance Improvement solution, as well as the firm's ESG services.

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