Emerging Technologies

Harness the power of AI/ML, quantum computing, IoT, and more

Like the dinosaurs that came before us, organisations that do not take advantage of new and emerging technologies will find they are outdated and in danger of extinction. However, jumping on the new technology bandwagon without a strategy, roadmap, and business alignment will certainly lead to diminished returns and technology risk exposure.

Identifying business cases, investing in the right emerging technologies, and managing risk and compliance as you become a digital leader are crucial to realising the benefits of these digital technologies.

Underpinned by the power and agility of the cloud, emerging technologies allow you to scale on-demand, improve resiliency, minimise infrastructure investments, and deploy solutions rapidly. Protiviti’s cloud services and Emerging Technologies team help organisations embrace new technologies to support business strategies, optimise business processes, and mine data to bring new solutions to market and gain a competitive advantage.

Leverage new technologies to achieve a competitive advantage

Embrace emerging technology


Protiviti helps organisations understand how to leverage blockchain to improve business processes in key areas, including traceability, smart contracts, and payments.



Embrace the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, enabling differentiated customer experiences and revolutionising technology solutions with AR/VR. Our AR/VR Workshops help you envision the art of the possible, balanced with practical, actionable solutions.



5G is rapidly transforming connectivity and enabling unprecedented computing power at the edge. Our 5G readiness assessments and strategic planning services can help you prepare, and our deployment services support your efforts to capitalise on the 5G revolution.


Tackle business challenges and opportunities with new technology

Our approach to emerging technologies

We provide new ways of thinking about emerging technology. Our core business understanding, combined with our background in risk management and our emerging technology expertise, allows businesses to understand and harness the power of new technologies to solve business problems and gain a competitive advantage

We help companies develop practical proof concepts(POC) designed to quickly deploy working use cases. These POC’s apply emerging technology to solve business problems and achieve an advantage. The POC helps prove the feasibility of the business value and better understand the resources needed to fully deploy the solution. Our POC’s help organisations quickly verify ROI projections and enable better decision-making regarding the investment and implementation of emerging technology solutions.

Tackle business challenges and opportunities with new technology


Randy Armknecht
Randy Armknecht is currently leading Protiviti’s Global Cloud consulting practice which provides a variety of services that enable clients to operate with confidence in their cloud environment. With nearly 20 years in the field he has experienced a variety of roles from ...
David Kissane
David is a Managing Director within the Technology Consulting business, specialising in Technology Transformation, Infrastructure & Cloud Advisory, Technology Governance and Operating Model. David’s primary focus is to lead the Cloud and Infrastructure Advisory ...
James Fox
James is a Director with a focus on Enterprise Cloud Transformation. James has extensive global experience working across Asia Pacific and Europe in IT Advisory Consulting. James has extensive global experience working across Asia Pacific and Europe in IT Advisory ...


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