AHIA’s 40th Annual Conference Presentations On-Demand

Healthcare Provider Internal Audit Plan Priorities

Funding, privacy, security and IT system changes dominate priorities for healthcare internal auditors. In this sessions learn about key findings from the latest survey conducted by Protiviti and AHIA on Healthcare Provider Organisation Internal Audit Plan Priorities.


Richard Williams, Managing Director
Alex Robison, Managing Director
Jarod Baccus, Director

IT Internal Audit and the Big Screen

In this session, learn how to demonstrate how IT risks could compound into additional problems that may be worth exploring. Additionally, demonstrate a more creative thought process when looking to identify IT risks in your environment.


Terry Corcoran, Associate Director

Next-Gen Auditing & Analytics

In this session, learn how to describe a next-generation audit approach, summarise the overall framework; support governance, methodology, and enabling technology areas; correspond 12 next-gen components, and the interchange between them all.


Jarod Baccus, Director

Landon Adkins, Associate Director