Setting the 2023 Audit Committee Agenda

As in prior years, our suggested 2023 audit committee agenda includes important enterprise, process and technology issues and financial reporting and disclosure issues. In addition to discussing these agenda items, we have offered questions for audit committees to consider when self-assessing their own performance with respect to executing the normal ongoing activities articulated in the committee charter. In formulating the eight agenda topics below, we considered input from our interactions with client audit committees and insights from meetings with active directors in various forums.

Mandate 2023


Self-Assess Committee Effectiveness

Audit committees are encouraged to self-assess their performance periodically, in coordination with the board’s overall self-assessment process. To that end, we have made available illustrative questions at Committee members should periodically assess the committee composition, charter and agenda focus in the context of the current challenges the company faces.


Amid unprecedented uncertainty, 2023 will be an interesting year. The audit committee will need to continue its focus on advising management in the face of continued change in the marketplace. And, of course, committee members should keep a watchful eye on the effects of change on financial and public reporting.

For more about the 2023 audit committee agenda, read the article here.

(The Bulletin — Volume 8, Issue 3)