Achieving Audit Relevance – with Andrew Struthers-Kennedy and Angelo Poulikakos

Top-performing internal audit groups share similar traits: They focus more on streamlined, tailored, impactful communications and reporting. They evolve and adapt routinely, and they push themselves to find and build talent and resources from both within and outside their organisations. But guess what? Fewer than six in 10 internal audit functions have access to the talent they need across any of the 12 Next-Generation Internal Audit competencies in Protiviti’s proprietary model.

These are some of the key findings from Protiviti’s latest Next-Generation Internal Audit survey. We conducted our study online in the fourth quarter of 2022 and had more than 550 internal audit leaders and professionals from around the world respond. Our results are detailed in our report Achieving Audit Relevance, available at

In this episode, we interview two Protiviti managing directors, Andrew Struthers-Kennedy and Angelo Poulikakos, about some of the highlights from this study. Andrew serves as the global leader for our Internal Audit and Financial Advisory practice, while Angelo is the global leader for our Technology Audit practice.

To learn more, read Protiviti’s full report, Achieving Audit Relevance, at

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Contact Angelo at [email protected].

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