Risk Management Consulting

Tackle today’s risk management challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Risk management consulting in Australia

Protiviti helps organisations assess risk and develop tech-enabled solutions to manage risk in an agile manner and minimise potential losses.

We bring leading insights and innovative capabilities to help you meet future challenges.

Our team of former industry executives, regulators and analytics experts help you plan and execute data-driven solutions to protect your business and encourage growth.

Risk management consulting in Australia

Risk Management consulting services

We can help you excel in the future

Our approach

Regulatory compliance and risk management run through the core of Protiviti’s mission and solutions. Since our inception, we have partnered with leaders from nearly all top global banks across a wide variety of risk and regulatory matters.

Our risk management experts partner with you to provide insight and strategic vision through a unique blend of industry expertise, integrated teams, and innovative solutions to help your organisation decrease risk and increase compliance.

We can help you excel in the future


Mark Burgess
Mark is a managing director and Protiviti’s risk and compliance solution lead. With over 17 years of risk and regulatory compliance experience in the financial services industry, he has a proven track record delivering deep insights for his clients. Mark has spent a ...
Matthew Pirera
Matthew is a director with over 15 years’ experience across professional and financial services, telecommunications, transport, and logistics. He is a senior leader with expertise in risk, compliance, assurance, financial and regulatory reporting as well as business ...