Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance consulting services help you manage today’s risks to build future success.

Regulatory compliance Australia

Disruptive technologies, regulatory pressures, evolving customer loyalty, and pressure to enhance economic returns are just some of the challenges organisations need to overcome by innovating and managing their compliance risks to succeed over the next decade.

The dynamic regulatory landscape and increased emphasis on cost reduction only add to the complexity of financial services organisations achieving profitable growth.

Protiviti’s regulatory compliance team brings a blend of experience and fresh thinking through a unique mix of consulting talent combined with former industry professionals, including risk and technology executives, commercial and consumer lenders, compliance professionals, and financial regulators. They ensure your business complies with Australian consumer protection laws administered under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and regulated by Australia’s competition regulators such as Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Regulatory compliance Australia

Regulatory Compliance consulting services

Manage the risks of today while positioning you to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Our approach

We help companies optimise resources and design compliance risk management programmes that are efficient, innovative, and tech-enabled so regulatory risk is covered across your organisation.

In a dynamic market, you need a regulatory compliance consulting partner that can manage the risks of today while positioning you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We help you:

  • Identify, align, and integrate key risk and performance indicators to business objectives and processes so that you can effectively manage risk
  • Foster a culture of regulatory compliance so that you can factor in risk throughout your business—from product development, marketing, and sales, to underwriting, pricing, and servicing, as well as third-party risk, complaint, and issues management
  • Develop effective compliance management systems and solutions grounded in data analytics and built on efficient and agile technology platforms
  • Establish, evaluate, monitor, and test for fair and responsible financial services
  • Effectively manage or prepare for regulatory inquiries and exams or related matters requiring attention, and to respond successfully to enforcement actions and consent orders when needed
  • Determine how to best leverage resources that promote success and enable innovation

Manage the risks of today while positioning you to meet the challenges of tomorrow


Mark Burgess
Mark is a managing director and Protiviti’s risk and compliance solution lead. With over 17 years of risk and regulatory compliance experience in the financial services industry, he has a proven track record delivering deep insights for his clients. Mark has spent a ...
Matthew Pirera
Matthew is a director with over 15 years’ experience across professional and financial services, telecommunications, transport, and logistics. He is a senior leader with expertise in risk, compliance, assurance, financial and regulatory reporting as well as business ...
Mike Purvis
Mike is a managing director and Protiviti’s national financial services lead. He has over 24 years’ experience in governance, risk management and assurance, both in practice and industry. His extensive experience results in the delivery of high-quality outcomes for ...