Financial Services Industry


Technology is rapidly evolving and digital adoption accelerating. Regulatory obligations are increasing in scope, rigor and complexity. Global events continue to challenge business, exacerbating existing and exposing new risks. Organisations across the financial services industry are facing demanding customer expectations to deliver seamless and uninterrupted services juxtaposed with rising cost pressures and regulatory scrutiny.

We help financial institutions, mortgage servicers and lenders, and insurers to be more effective and efficient in a way that is risk-sensitive, regulatory compliant, well-controlled, and enabled by leading technologies. 

We have curated financial services insights to help executives in this industry stay ahead of emerging challenges and create opportunities for sustained future growth.

Insights paper

June 14, 2024

Value chain mapping for risk transformation in Australia’s new regulatory environment

New regulations in Australia have created new priorities around governance, executive accountability, and operational resilience. The new rules raise pressure on firms to transform in multiple ways, including through value chain analysis.