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2017 Top Risks Survey Hero

Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2017

Protiviti partnered with North Carolina State University’s ERM Initiative to conduct our fifth annual Executive Perspectives on Top Risks Survey. We obtained the views of more than 735 board members and C-suite executives about risks that are likely to affect their organization in 2017.

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Annual Technology Trends and Benchmark Study

A decade ago, a leading analyst firm chided chief information officers for spending 80 percent of their budgets on running and maintaining the business, noting that such an allocation was “dead money.” More needed to be invested in growing the business. Since then, IT functions have made stunning progress, bringing lights-on investments down to 55 percent of their current budgets, according to Protiviti’s annual survey of technology leaders. Yet organizations still may not be investing enough in innovation at the expense of compliance, security and maintenance. At the same time, considering the greater impact of technology disruptors in the form of digitization to harvest new sources of value through business model innovation and improve collaboration between IT and the core business, more progress is needed to mature the performance of security and privacy capabilities across the enterprise.

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Consumer Banking Survey

Insights from Protiviti’s 2016 Consumer Banking Survey – Learn about consumer perceptions of their experience, what banks are doing well and where improvements are needed.

Internal Auditing Around the World, Vol. 12

Volume 12 is a milestone issue in our annual series: Every internal audit leader we interviewed about the impact of technology is having on organizations is female. We have observed that the number of women who hold top leadership roles in the profession is increasing. This is a very positive trend, and we believe their success is worth acknowledgement – and celebration.

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Protiviti è un Gruppo multinazionale di consulenza direzionale, specializzato nel creare valore attraverso la capacità di analizzare e gestire il rischio e la nostra visione della Governance Aziendale.
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Debt deal gives technology firm a shot in the arm

Back From the Brink and Better than Ever: Debt Deal Gives Technology Firm a Shot in the Arm

No organisation enters a credit agreement intending to default on it, but when a banking relationship sours, trust suffers, and it can be hard for the borrower to move forward. When a fast-growing technology firm defaulted on financial and operational covenants, its banker demanded immediate repayment in full. Unable to come up with the cash or find another bank willing to refinance, the firm was quickly running out of options. Liquidation loomed.

Handling Strategic Execution Like a Pro: Healthcare Innovator Plays to Win with Leading Risk Framework

In football, the great running backs have an uncanny knack for finding the lane that leads them on the right path to the goal line — even when that path first appears blocked. Knowing their teammates can clear the path, they capitalize on the opportunity by pushing forward with speed and agility even when there seemingly is nowhere to go. Such ability to find the hole in the line and break free is highly prized, not only in football but also in the business world, where stakeholders expect executives to scan the horizon for opportunities and set a course for success, even when at first glance opportunities may appear limited. It’s fair to say that, unlike exceptional running backs, many executives fall short in their efforts to read the future and find the path to success. This difference between aspirational goals and eventual outcomes is known as the strategic execution gap — the risk of falling short.
Homebuilder Client Story

$3 billion homebuilder successfully brings everything under one roof with well-orchestrated IPO and acquisitions

$3 billion homebuilder successfully brings everything under one roof with well-orchestrated IPO and acquisitions.
HR Global Client Story

Making HR Work Harder on Recognition

Global insurance provider strengthens culture by learning that while hard work is its own reward, recognition is key.
Saltchuk Client Story

$2.5 billion transportation giant Saltchuk drives performance with Protiviti’s Governance Portal

$2.5 billion transportation giant Saltchuk drives performance with Protiviti’s Governance Portal