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7th Annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey

Assessing the International Leaders!


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2018 Security Threat Report

2018 Security Threat Report

Protiviti’s Report aims to help organisations address and understand the cyber security landscape by exploring and detailing the most common digital threats today.

Sustaining an Innovation Culture in the Digital Age

Sustaining an Innovation Culture in the Digital Age

It is important to the board’s oversight of the innovation culture to understand how the organisation should position itself, even if it has little appetite for competing as a front-runner. Given that every organisation is different, the board should consider whether the organisation is a digital follower, expert or leader.

Evaluation Of The Internal Control And Risk Management System

Come Valutare il Sistema di Controllo Interno e di Gestione dei Rischi?

PERCHÉ valutare il Sistema di Controllo Interno e di Gestione dei Rischi? COME valutarlo? QUALE processo implementare e quali attori coinvolgere nella valutazione? QUALI metodologie e strumenti di valutazione utilizzare? AIIA e Protiviti hanno condotto una ricerca su questi temi: scarica il documento!

La nuova disciplina sul “Whistleblowing”

La nuova disciplina sul “Whistleblowing”

Il “Whistleblowing” è un istituto di origine anglosassone, finalizzato a regolamentare e facilitare il processo di segnalazione di illeciti o di altre irregolarità di cui il soggetto segnalante (cd. “whistleblower”) sia venuto a conoscenza e che prevede, per quest’ultimo, significative forme di tutela

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Protiviti è un Gruppo multinazionale di consulenza direzionale, specializzato nel creare valore attraverso la capacità di analizzare e gestire il rischio e la nostra visione della Governance Aziendale.
Protiviti Careers

Storie di successo dei nostri Clienti

A global healthcare organization invests in Protiviti’s expertise to improve compliance program effectiveness

A global healthcare organisation invests in Protiviti’s expertise to improve compliance programme effectiveness

When our organisation needed interim compliance department leadership, the first thought of both management and the board’s audit and compliance committee members was of our partner, Protiviti. Protiviti not only quickly evaluated the scope and effectiveness of our compliance department’s oversight, but also quickly filled identified gaps with appropriately experienced compliance personnel
procurement assessment helps aerospace company

A procurement assessment helps aerospace company elevate awareness of third-party spend, saving millions

Protiviti Identified significant process-improvement opportunities related to sourcing, contract and pricing issues. These improvements are being implemented and nearing completion.
EMV Conversion

At popular entertainment resort, new ways to pay improve compliance, leave guests happier

Learn how Protiviti helped to reduce Credit card fraud and chargebacks significantly, especially on high-dollar purchases; and also significantly improved guest experience thanks to mobile payment technology.
BI Pet food manufacturer

Passion makes purr-fect: Pet food manufacturer expands product offerings, markets and sales channels

Protiviti developed and implemented an enterprise data warehouse built on the SAP® HANA platform with additional visualisation and governance tools. This resource-efficient system supports the company’s expansion into e-commerce and international markets.
Customer-centric IT is not an oxymoron How one nonprofit company did it hero

Customer-centric IT is not an oxymoron: How one nonprofit company did it

When perception of the information technology (IT) function of one of the country’s largest nonprofits turned unfavorable – as IT teams put the onus on other IT teams to deliver high-quality customer service – the organisation’s CIO decided to replace the IT-centric playbook she inherited with a decidedly more customer-centric approach