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Benchmarking SOX Costs, Hours and Controls

The results of the 2018 SOX Compliance Survey

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Oversight of Organizational Speed in the Digital Age

Oversight of Organisational Speed in the Digital Age

The results of a recent survey noted that the top two global risks are concerns over disruptive change to the business model and the organisation’s resistance to change. This incongruence captures perhaps one of a board’s most fundamental fears.

The Labor Model for Finance in the Digital Age

The Labor Model for Finance in the Digital Age

Numerous disruptions are altering traditional labor models. As a result, a new labor model for the digital age is emerging, forcing CFOs and finance leaders to consider the skills, staffing strategies and change management capabilities their finance and accounting functions will need now and in the future

Evaluation Of The Internal Control And Risk Management System

Come Valutare il Sistema di Controllo Interno e di Gestione dei Rischi?

PERCHÉ valutare il Sistema di Controllo Interno e di Gestione dei Rischi? COME valutarlo? QUALE processo implementare e quali attori coinvolgere nella valutazione? QUALI metodologie e strumenti di valutazione utilizzare? AIIA e Protiviti hanno condotto una ricerca su questi temi: scarica il documento!

La nuova disciplina sul “Whistleblowing”

La nuova disciplina sul “Whistleblowing”

Il “Whistleblowing” è un istituto di origine anglosassone, finalizzato a regolamentare e facilitare il processo di segnalazione di illeciti o di altre irregolarità di cui il soggetto segnalante (cd. “whistleblower”) sia venuto a conoscenza e che prevede, per quest’ultimo, significative forme di tutela

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Protiviti è un Gruppo multinazionale di consulenza direzionale, specializzato nel creare valore attraverso la capacità di analizzare e gestire il rischio e la nostra visione della Governance Aziendale.
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global supply chain capability client story hero

U.S. retailer launches global supply chain capability in record time

Even under normal conditions, creating a global supply chain capability from scratch is a complex and grueling endeavor. When a large U.S. retailer made a strategic decision to develop this ability — which included securing new overseas suppliers for tens of thousands of products, satisfying all customs requirements and creating a nationwide distribution capability — in less than six months, the clock began to tick on a monumental challenge. For help with this undertaking, the company partnered with Protiviti. Factors in this selection included Protiviti’s demonstrated past success with similar engagements, domain expertise, and reputation for a hands-on approach to problem-solving and working collaboratively with client teams to make change happen. While others estimated a timeline of at least 18 months, and probably closer to two years, Protiviti offered a different take: It can be done.
Benefitfocus conquers reporting challenges while keeping critical personal data safe and secure

Benefitfocus conquers reporting challenges while keeping critical personal data safe and secure

Benefitfocus turned to Protiviti, the partner SAP highly recommended, for answers. Protiviti deployed a flexible SAP BusinessObjects architecture to serve Benefitfocus’ large and rapidly increasing user base. The solution was integrated seamlessly with Benefitfocus’ web-based application, eEnrollment.
A global healthcare organization invests in Protiviti’s expertise to improve compliance program effectiveness

A global healthcare organisation invests in Protiviti’s expertise to improve compliance programme effectiveness

When our organisation needed interim compliance department leadership, the first thought of both management and the board’s audit and compliance committee members was of our partner, Protiviti. Protiviti not only quickly evaluated the scope and effectiveness of our compliance department’s oversight, but also quickly filled identified gaps with appropriately experienced compliance personnel
procurement assessment helps aerospace company

A procurement assessment helps aerospace company elevate awareness of third-party spend, saving millions

Protiviti Identified significant process-improvement opportunities related to sourcing, contract and pricing issues. These improvements are being implemented and nearing completion.
BI Pet food manufacturer

Passion makes purr-fect: Pet food manufacturer expands product offerings, markets and sales channels

Protiviti developed and implemented an enterprise data warehouse built on the SAP® HANA platform with additional visualisation and governance tools. This resource-efficient system supports the company’s expansion into e-commerce and international markets.