Drive Collaborative Problem Solving in Healthcare

A tailored virtual workshop designed to enable rapid transformation

Navigating uncertainty with disruptive thinking

By any measure, we are currently living in extraordinary times. Extreme disruption to our healthcare system and uncertainty are the new norm. Government policies and guidelines continue to change. In times of stress, organisations can feel pressured to become narrow in their thinking at the very moment when they should be widening their view to novel solutions. How well healthcare organisations pivot in and through this environment will define them for many years to come.

We are all coming to terms with a new reality, and like you, we have had to adapt quickly. You place significant trust in us to help you achieve your strategic objectives. You are important to us and we are here to support you during this crisis.

One way we are assisting our clients is with access to our innovation and industry leaders working collaboratively to find solutions to the challenges you are facing. Let us help you learn from leading practices we are seeing across industries and rapidly develop actionable and viable solutions through virtual collaboration workshops.


Leverage our innovation, healthcare industry and digital leaders to quickly discover, define and develop impactful solutions through dynamic virtual workshops.

Our virtual workshops are very effective working sessions, facilitated online, that enable remote working leadership teams to come together, dissect and understand current challenges and align on key priorities.

We recognise that time is precious, particularly in times of increasing uncertainty.  The sessions that we run are high intensity and will ensure that each member of the leadership team participates in full, bringing their unique perspective. We explore the problem to determine the true root of the challenge the organisation is facing, collaborate to define the best solution, and empower you to develop an action plan that is both pragmatic and effective.

Our commitment to you is that we will enable you to rapidly develop actionable and innovative solutions to your most critical challenges. We will bring leading practices and a disruptive mindset to the session, leaving you with a well-rounded and thorough plan to implement and adapt the way that you run your business.

We will provide:

Structured, professionally-facilitated virtual workshops, enabling your colleagues to participate in the session, without distractions, wherever they are in the world.

Healthcare experts sharing insights into how other organisations are managing similar challenges.

Digital Transformation and Innovation experts that help you rethink services, operations and strengthen resiliency.

We will ensure that you reach alignment on priorities and actions, accelerating planning activities.  We will deliver a complete summary of the workshop, ideas generated and agreed actions within 24 hours of the session finishing.

A platform for all participants to equally express opinions, share ideas and voice concerns in a constructive environment.