Protiviti Promotes 52 Leaders to Managing Director and Senior Director Positions

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Nearly 1,000 employees also promoted throughout global consulting firm

MENLO PARK, Calif., January 12, 2022 – Protiviti has promoted 42 of its directors to the position of managing director and 10 to the position of senior director. The new managing directors and senior directors span several of Protiviti’s solution groups, including Internal Audit and Financial Advisory, Risk and Compliance, Technology Consulting and Business Performance Improvement, as well as its operations function.

“The career advancement to managing and senior director at Protiviti is an exceptional achievement. Through their leadership, Protiviti’s managing and senior directors demonstrate our values and go over and above for our people and clients,” said Joseph Tarantino, Protiviti president and CEO. “Our newest promotes join a global team of Protiviti leaders in assisting our clients with their critical business problems and offering innovative and transformative ways for their organisations to achieve meaningful growth.”

New Managing Directors

Internal Audit and Financial Advisory
  • Justin Bates – Washington, D.C.
  • Anthony Chigazola – San Francisco
  • Esther Delgado – London, U.K.
  • Sharon Delgado – Fort Lauderdale
  • Heather Eastham – Fort Lauderdale
  • Kristin Forester – Boston
  • Erin Gladysz – Tampa
  • Gareth Gruffydd – Los Angeles
  • Sean Humphreys – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Francesco Monini – Milan, Italy
  • Tobias Nowak – Munich, Germany
  • Cristina Peano – Milan, Italy
  • Agustin Pérez Gonzalez – Mexico City
  • Katie Powell – Tampa
  • Alan Starr – Dallas
Risk and Compliance
  • Christy Callaghan – New York City
  • Jas Jalaf – London, U.K.
  • Kaitlin Kirkham-Cooper – San Francisco
  • Christine Reisman – St. Louis
  • Jeffrey Smith – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Owen Strijland – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Asa Sum – Philadelphia
Technology Consulting
  • Dusty Anderson – Phoenix
  • Tricia Callahan – Dallas
  • Rish Dua - Chicago
  • Jon Medina – San Francisco
  • Patrick Nesmith - Atlanta
  • Damon Owen – New York City
  • Vijan Patel - Houston
  • Luca Risi – Milan, Italy
  • Payal Shah – Los Angeles
  • Sandip Shah – Chicago
  • Ernst Stoelhorst – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Will Thomas – Winchester, VA
  • Chad Wolcott – Boston
Business Performance Improvement
  • Henry Bonilla - Houston
  • Justin Krystopher – New York City
  • Chris Melissakis – New York City
  • Marty Murray – Toronto, Canada
  • Zachary Unger – New York City
  • Eric Williams – Dallas
  • Masaki Yoshida – Tokyo, Japan

New Senior Directors

Technology Consulting
  • Lucas Lau – New York City
  • Rupesh Mahto – Sydney, Australia
Vinayak Ram – London, U.K.
Business Performance Improvement
  • William Kosovitch – New York City
  • John Weber – Kansas City
  • Annette Gomes – Finance and Operations
  • Christina Hardin – Talent Management
  • David Shackelford – Business Intelligence
  • Elaine Poucher – Recruiting
  • Michelle Ratcliffe – Learning and Development


In addition to these managing director and senior director promotes, Protiviti has promoted nearly 1,000 people to positions across the organisation in 57 of its offices in countries around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S.

“We’re dedicated to providing career advancement opportunities as part of our overall meaningful rewards and recognition programme,” said Scott Redfearn, executive vice president, global human resources, Protiviti. “This year’s promoted employees are exceptional professionals who lead by example, demonstrate Protiviti’s values of integrity, inclusion and innovation, and team together to serve our clients in exceptional ways.”

Chi è Protiviti

Protiviti è un Gruppo multinazionale di consulenza direzionale, leader nell’analisi e progettazione di modelli di Risk Management, Organizzazione, Compliance e Controllo; supporta le aziende nell’identificazione dei rischi e nella definizione delle migliori strategie di gestione, governo e controllo.
In Italia, Protiviti opera nelle sedi di Milano, Torino e Roma e conta circa 200 professionisti.
Protiviti è un network caratterizzato da una presenza internazionale di rilievo con oltre 80 uffici negli Stati Uniti, Canada, Sud America, Europa, Asia e Australia e oltre 4.600 persone. La base Clienti include oltre il 60% delle imprese del Fortune 1000 e il 35% delle Global 500. Obiettivo di Protiviti è la diffusione di una cultura aziendale finalizzata ad allineare i processi, i sistemi informativi e l’organizzazione alle migliori prassi internazionali.
Protiviti fa parte del Gruppo Robert Half (RH), quotato al NYSE e appartenente all’indice S&P 500.

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