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Notable findings: Security, privacy, cloud and advanced technologies are among the top technology risks – These issues have been fueled further by pandemic-driven times of remote work and new business processes, as well as increasing connectivity via IoT. Digital leaders stand out – Organisations at a higher level of digital maturity generally view the top technology risks to be more significant compared to other organisations, and they are far more likely to perform technology audit risk assessments on a continuous basis. COVID-19 and digital transformation are influencing technology...
  We often get asked, what is the difference between business continuity management (BCM) and operational resilience? Rather than look at the differences, we believe the best way to answer this question is to look at the relationship between these two programmes.      
Business Continuity Management significa contemplare tutti gli scenari e le soluzioni, indipendentemente dalla causa dell'evento e dal fatto che sia o meno sotto il nostro controllo. Nella situazione attuale, in cui le aziende vengono messe a dura prova dalla pandemia di coronavirus (COVID-19), il Business Continuity Management e la resilienza sono diventati oggetto chiave di discussioni nelle sale riunioni di tutto il mondo. Il diffuso impatto della pandemia ha costretto le organizzazioni a rivedere il Business Continuity Planning (BCP) e come integrare le pratiche di BCP nelle operazioni...
Balance is what defines the “responsible technology firm of the future” – one that is as adept at corporate governance, social responsibility, risk management and compliance as it is at technical innovation and delivery. A Rapidly Changing and Unpredictable Landscape Part One of a Four-Part Series The future success of not only established technology players but also emerging and mid-market organisations will require innovative products and services, as well as a deep understanding and effective management of emerging risks and heightened expectations of myriad stakeholders in both...