Technology Strategy

Charting a course to technology transformation and modernisation

Technology drives the business forward. Our technology strategy solutions help you enable the business, outlining the technology vision, defining what the organisation will be, what it will do, and what it will deliver in support of the business strategy. We help position your IT team as a process optimiser and revenue enabler.

Position your IT team as a process optimiser and revenue enabler

Exploit Technology to achieve strategic objectives

IT Strategic Planning

We help companies create an IT strategic plan aligned to business value, aligning capabilities with demand and identifying where to invest, modernise, and transform. We define a sequenced and prioritised roadmap to achieve value and organisational growth.


Enterprise Architecture Modernisation

Aging technology platforms and IT operating models often fail to meet changing business requirements. We evaluate technology’s linkage to your business strategy to define objectives, enterprise architecture, and initiatives that support and enable your strategy.


IT Operating Model Design

The pressure to evolve means IT teams need to be stronger and more effective than ever. We design optimised IT organisations focusing on IT maturity, operating models, and improvement plans that deliver strategic innovation now and in the future.


Delivering and realising value

Our approach

Today’s IT departments are asked to do more with less in the face of increased financial and regulatory scrutiny, while managing the relentless complexities of emerging or disruptive technologies. Substantial and rapid growth, new lines of business, omnichannel, and rapidly changing requirements add to the challenge of aligning strategy with IT architectures.

IT strategy requires an organisation to understand the use of available technology in achieving business objectives. Constantly evolving customer desires require business and technology to be aligned and in partnership on delivering and realising value. This strategy involves both a knowledge of the technology and the people involved in managing and utilising these tools. By developing an effective IT strategy, an organisation can successfully meet today’s challenges.

Protiviti’s Technology Strategy team offers technical expertise coupled with a deep understanding of key business risks and issues. Our professionals accurately assess problems for clients and develop real, actionable solutions that address near- and long-term objectives. Protiviti’s experts help companies establish the governance and architectural blueprints to develop capabilities that deliver on business strategies and outcomes, positioning technology to be an enabler of innovation while managing the technical risk surrounding the execution of roadmap initiatives. In addition to real-world design and implementation expertise, Protiviti leverages benchmarking statistics from partner organisations such as the APQC and Gartner to help provide quantified performance measures.

Delivering and realising value


Leslie Howatt
Leslie is a managing director, and Protiviti’s technology consulting solution and diversity, equity, and inclusion lead. She specialises in digital and technology strategy as well as transformational change with over 25 years’ experience across consulting, industry, and ...
Ewen Ferguson
Ewen is a managing director and the office lead for Protiviti Sydney. Having worked across a full spectrum of IT related issues, he is highly experienced in multiple IT platforms as well as in business engagement of IT systems.  Specialising in programme/project ...
Ghislaine Entwisle
Ghislaine is a managing director with over 17 years’ experience in professional services. She has a broad experience across industries including business consulting, IT consulting, data strategy, and IT audit within both the public and private sectors. Major Projects ...
David Kissane
David is a managing director within the technology consulting solution. With over 22 years’ experience across a variety of industries and senior IT transformation roles, his primary focus is to lead the cloud and infrastructure advisory business in Australia. David ...
Rupesh Mahto
Rupesh is a senior director specialising in strategy, technology assessment and enabled execution, digital transformation, cloud migration, and application of emerging technology to business demands. He successfully leads interactions with CXO, focussing on increasing ...
Krishnan Venkatraman
Krishnan is a director with over 14 years’ experience in professional services. He has specific expertise in technology risk consulting and has been advising clients both in the public and private sector in designing and implementing information security controls. ...

Powerful partnerships

Our team has deep knowledge and certifications in leading technologies and practices to help you develop an IT strategy that delivers innovation and efficiency and aligns with the business objectives.