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At Protiviti, we strive to complement the diverse solutions we bring to the marketplace with high-performing professionals from a variety of backgrounds. At the same time, we create an environment that is inclusive and collaborative. We are a team-based organisation, and it is essential to our business and to our success that everyone feels that they are included in the team, that their ideas and contributions will be considered in our problem- solving work, and that they are fully empowered.

We believe embracing diversity and inclusion are the right and responsible things to do, and we also know they are vital to our success. Broadening our capabilities by tapping into diverse backgrounds and experiences is how we can best serve our clients. As a global organisation, we need a global team of professionals, each bringing unique perspectives to bear for our clients.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives are designed to attract, develop, and retain the most talented professionals in the market regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other dimension of diversity there by ensuring diversity in the workplace. Each of us has a different experience to contribute to our company and to our clients. It is the breadth of these experiences, and how they all work together, that makes us succeed. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives include:

  • Working Parents – Parental leave payments (primary and secondary caregivers), additional superannuation payments, keeping in touch programme, reintegration leave.
  • Domestic Violence – Paid domestic violence leave, confidential toolkit.
  • Workplace Flexibility – Remote working, flexible hours, sabbaticals.
  • Health and Wellbeing – Employee Assistance Program, the Mental Health Movement.
  • Training and Awareness – Unconscious bias, non-discrimination and harassment awareness.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee provides strategic direction and support to our employees in their grass-roots efforts. The steering committee is comprised of Managing Directors from around the globe as well as key leaders in HR. The steering committee is gender-balanced and includes representatives from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the blend of our broader workforce.

Our Diversity Champions Network is a diverse spectrum of individuals from different offices, bringing together employees from across solutions and career levels to design and implement diversity programming. Serving as change agents, these individuals connect people on a local level to the bigger strategy – through events, educational programming, and Employee Network Groups.

Employee Network Groups

Employee Network Groups are local, grass-roots groups that organise both in-person and online to focus on promoting diversity initiatives within the company.

  • iGROWW – Protiviti’s Initiative for Growth and Retention of Women at Work. iGROWW has a strong voluntary membership that tackles women’s professional issues through various forums and facilitates networking events and community service activities. 
  • ProPride – Protiviti’s LGBTQIA+ Network. ProPride members meet regularly in local and national forums and also regularly publish a full newsletter to communicate on a variety of relevant news and topics such as tips for an inclusive workforce and advice for all employees
  • Protiviti Parents Network – Our Parents Network focuses on the blend of work and family for new and experienced parents. The network meets regularly in local groups to empower working parents to share successes, exchange information, support transitions and tackle challenges together.
  • Multicultural Network – The Multicultural ENG’s purpose is to promote a working environment and grow a network in which employees of all cultures, races, nationalities, and ethnicities feel accepted and valued; provide an outlet to discuss topics with individuals who share similar backgrounds, and to attract, recruit, and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Protiviti’s Plan Towards Gender Parity: Challenging Unconscious Bias

Protiviti Australia Associate Director Jane Tumurbaatar leads iGROWW. In this video she shares our ambitious plan towards gender parity, some of her personal bias experiences, and the questions we all need to ask ourselves.



Diversity Council Australia

Protiviti Australia is a proud member of Diversity Council Australia, the independent not-for-profit peak body leading diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


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