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Transform your business with Protiviti’s cloud services  in Hong Kong

The power of cloud offers many benefits and advantages, but only if your cloud capabilities align with your business objectives. Our Enterprise Cloud Services empower you to leverage the cloud's potential for organisational transformation and modernisation. We help identify avenues for gaining advantages, through your investment in technology, while enhancing business efficiency and operations. With our comprehensive services, we guide you from initial envisioning and strategic planning through seamless migration, efficient implementations and ongoing managed services.

We're ready to meet you at any point in your cloud journey. Our comprehensive range of global cloud services, including Advisory, Engineering and Optimisation, is geared towards ensuring your successful transition to the cloud and maximising its benefits for your business.

Transform your business with Protiviti’s cloud services  in Hong Kong

Our cloud-first approach

There is a notable increase in demand for enterprise cloud services and strategies. The future of work, including new models of distributed and virtual workforces, the demand for improved customer experience and the necessity for new products, are driving urgency for greater computing needs. Organisations are moving to the cloud to provide virtual service delivery, new processes, new applications, optimised costs and improved agility to rapidly adapt to business priorities such as embracing Artificial Intelligence .  

Therefore, today’s technology strategy must include cloud as a key component for organisations looking for a rapid response to change, disruption and enhancing business resiliency for systems, programs, people and technology.

Organisations need an experienced partner to help them achieve the value that cloud can offer.

Protiviti’s Enterprise Cloud services help organisations wherever they are in their cloud journey. Whether they are in initial stages of planning and strategy, need assistance with managing multiple cloud environments or desire additional value and innovation from mature cloud deployments, Protiviti can help organisations to adopt cloud capabilities throughout their cloud journey that align with defined business outcomes.

Our heritage and expertise in audit, security and data privacy ensure that your cloud environment is safe and governed. As a partner with the major cloud vendors (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud), we work to ensure you get the most out of your cloud environment and investment.


Michael Pang
Michael is a managing director with over 20 years’ experience. He is the IT consulting practice leader for Protiviti Hong Kong and Mainland China. His experience covers cybersecurity, data privacy protection, IT strategy, IT organisation transformation, IT risk, post ...
Franklin Yeung
Franklin is a director with over 22 years’ experience in IT consulting, audit, and system implementation. He has experience in assisting organisations with IT/IS security, strategy, governance, risk management, internal controls, business continuity management, system ...

Powerful partnerships

We believe our partnerships play a key role in driving collective success for our customers.  Therefore, we partner with the largest cloud service providers to support your technology modernisation journey.  Our professionals are digitally native with extensive skills and experience and stay up to date in cloud technologies.  This combination of expertise and partnerships enables us to better understand your business challenges and provide integrated, holistic solutions that support your goals and deliver value through our complementary strengths. 

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Case Studies

Problem: A government agency, despite having some presence in cloud platforms, needed a comprehensive strategy to transition their IT infrastructure and applications from an on-premise datacenter to the public cloud.

Solution: Protiviti developed an ICT Cloud Roadmap as a solution, conducting a deep-dive into the IT infrastructure for cloud compatibility, mapping servers to applications and identifying opportunities for rationalisation and network dependencies. The team also consulted with application owners to assess readiness for cloud migration and determine custom migration methods.

Value: This project's outcome gave the client an understanding of their current application landscape and IT infrastructure, along with a clear plan for moving these elements into the public cloud efficiently and cost-effectively. The client also gained insight into expected transition and operational costs associated with the move, aiding in more informed business case creation.

Problem: The client needed a secure, automated cloud workspace in Azure for hosting and deploying workloads. The required solution had to rapidly provision secure workspaces, support workload segregation, be fully documented with tagging features for chargebacks and integrate with Identity and Access Management tools including Multifactor Authentication and Conditional Access. It also required integration with Automated Monitoring and Analysis Tools and comprehensive audit trails.

Solution: Protiviti developed the solution using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), custom Azure Arm templates, scripts, Azure Automation for the OPS Pipeline and Azure DevOps for tracking work items. They integrated FireEye for threat detection, LogicMonitor for system monitoring along with Okta, Thycotic and Saviynt for IAM.

Value: This project allows the client to effectively track departmental spending while maintaining full compliance with an available audit history when required.

Problem: The client, a leading engineering and construction services firm, sought to bid for government contracts requiring Azure Government tenant with landing zones for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Solution: Protiviti, with its cloud security, architecture and governance expertise, developed the landing zone design using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and deployed these into the Azure Government environment. They also provided ARM templates for deploying additional landing zones and a comprehensive deployment guide.

Value: The result was an operational Azure Government environment compliant with CMMC standards that allows handling federal contracts. Additionally, they provided reusable ARM templates for future environment expansion. The successful completion of this project enabled the client to achieve their 3PAO certification for CMMC.

Problem: A large commercial bank sought to integrate cloud technology into its core business strategy for cost reduction, increased revenue, innovation and accelerated market entry.

Solution: Protiviti stepped in, developing a multi-year roadmap that included Legacy Modernisation and Cloud Transformation and Rationalisation. This roadmap not only aligned the bank's cloud strategy with business priorities but also addressed critical technology debts while refreshing important technologies. Additionally, they established foundational cloud platforms and capabilities to enhance service stability.

Value: Protiviti's support enabled optimisation of both cloud and non-cloud services through cloud sourcing, service optimisation and leveraging technology investments. The bank could thus leverage cloud services responsively to environmental changes, gain insights from strategic focus area reports and realise business outcomes enabled by their transformation of the cloud.

Problem: A global financial services company facing cloud cost optimisation issues due to failed FinOps efforts engaged Protiviti. Their previous attempts had led to a monthly cloud expenditure of over $5M without substantial financial accountability.

Solution: Protiviti established a Cloud FinOps program strategy, which included reviewing current finance processes, creating a scorecard for improvement and offering high-level cost optimisation recommendations. They also worked on the design of the Cloud FinOps structure and roll-out across business units.

Value: As a result, the client not only gained confidence in their new FinOps team and strategy but also saw significant savings on cloud spend — reducing costs by $2M within the first 30 days.