Cloud Advisory

Paving your path to the cloud with confidence

Looking to modernise and innovate by leveraging the cloud? Establishing a strategy is about more than just moving data and applications to the cloud. We help organisations create a cloud strategy that aligns with their business priorities and create solutions to optimise performance and realise returns while managing costs.  

IT leaders navigating the transition to public cloud environments require strategies to seamlessly migrate data and business applications but also align cloud capabilities with long-term business objectives.

This includes addressing concerns around security and compliance, achieving scalability to handle growth and integrating cloud services with existing on-premises systems.

Our advisory services are designed to meet these specific needs, providing guidance on selecting the right cloud tools and architectures to drive your organisation’s transformation.

Create a cloud strategy that aligns with your business priorities

Create a cloud strategy that drives ROI

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Develop and Refresh a Cloud Strategy

What is the best way to leverage cloud capabilities in your company? Align them with your business objectives. We help organisations establish an initial strategy or refresh an existing cloud strategy, including what, who, and how the cloud will drive value.

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Assess Cloud Readiness

Understand the benefits and risks of expanding in the cloud, learn common strategies and understand the stages of the Cloud Adoption Framework to inform, educate and identify where your organisation resides in cloud maturity and readiness for your cloud journey.

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Establish Cloud Governance and Control

Take control of cloud growth and adoption. Establish standards to deploy cloud solutions in an automated, secure, and cost-effective manner. We assess current—and design new—cloud controls and policies as needed to adhere to changing regulations and environments.

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Optimise Cloud

The rapid expansion of cloud adoption can often lead to underutilised capacity and increased cloud cost. We help you analyse your system usage and architecture to understand if there are opportunities to increase cost, resource or performance efficiency.

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Manage Cloud Spend

Juggling multiple cloud providers, various tiers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), and chargebacks from your cloud environments? Implement automated monitoring and processes that enable analysis, planning, and optimisation of cloud platform spend.

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Cloud Sustainability

Progress your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals via smart cloud service selection and architecture. We help organisations leverage Cloud ESG data for reporting and gain visibility and control of their ESG impact.

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Cloud Audit and Remediation

Have a list of audit findings or preparing for a regulatory audit of your cloud environment but don’t have the resources to prepare or respond quickly? We know what it takes to audit a cloud environment and remediate findings to satisfy auditors and regulators.


Our approach

Our focus is to ensure all stakeholders align with the cloud strategy

Our focus is to ensure all technology and business stakeholders align with the cloud strategy. We make sure they understand the intended business outcomes and maintain consensus through processes such as an architecture steering committee and various governance models. This will enable accelerated cloud adoption while balancing risk with the realisation of business objectives.

Our focus is to ensure all stakeholders align with the cloud strategy

Key partners

We believe our partnerships play a key role in driving collective success for our customers. Therefore, we partner with the largest cloud service providers and use leading cloud tools to support your technology modernisation journey. Our professionals are digitally native with extensive skills and experience and stay up to date in cloud technologies. Collectively, this combination of expertise and partnerships enables us to better understand your business challenges and provide integrated, holistic solutions that support your goals and deliver value through our complementary strengths.


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Michael is a managing director with over 20 years’ experience. He is the IT consulting practice leader for Protiviti Hong Kong and Mainland China. His experience covers cybersecurity, data privacy protection, IT strategy, IT organisation transformation, IT risk, post ...
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Franklin is a director with over 22 years’ experience in IT consulting, audit, and system implementation. He has experience in assisting organisations with IT/IS security, strategy, governance, risk management, internal controls, business continuity management, system ...