Ransomware advisory and recovery

(Re)building ransomware resilience

Ransomware has quickly expanded beyond the traditional targets of high-investment, better-protected industries, such as financial services. Attackers no longer lay silent for months inside technology systems. Now, attacks have moved beyond theft to focus on business disruption.

Recent incidents targeted unprotected organisations and demanded significant payments to release locked systems and enable access to data. These attacks follow a new model to rapidly penetrate, exfiltrate, encrypt – then demand ransom.

Ransomware attacks require your focus in three areas: Anticipating the attack. Responding when it happens. Recovering your business and updating your cybersecurity posture and business controls based on what you learned.

You need a consulting partner who will help you anticipate and map the threat landscape, react to a motivated and cunning adversary, and adapt to meet the next step of the attacker.

Partnering with Protiviti will enable you to:

  • Understand the threat landscape, potential threat vectors, and weak control areas in your organisation
  • Streamline crisis management across your enterprise
  • Gain confidence in decisions to quickly resume operations with minimal long-term impacts
  • Build an active defense to prevent recurrence and anticipate new and evolving threats

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How Protiviti can help

Our ransomware advisory and recovery services help companies before, during and after a ransomware attack:


Understanding the threat landscape, including potential threat vectors that can impact a company’s weak control areas is vital in today’s interconnected world. To help anticipate an attack, our team helps you:

  • Anticipate threats to plan your active defense
  • Understand threats in the context of your enterprise
  • Counter identified threats with an active defense


When a ransomware attack occurs, operations grind to a halt. Companies need to respond immediately – dealing with immediate and long-term needs and consequences. Every decision matters. Protiviti helps you:

  • Manage the enterprise-wide crisis
  • Manage broader business requirements generated from the ransomware attack
  • Engage executive, legal, and technical stakeholders


Ransomware attack recovery is multi-faceted and much more than a resumption of operations. Decisions made during the crisis can have long-lasting impacts. Build organisational resilience by planning and finding the right partner to anticipate, react, and assist in recovery.

Protiviti’s full-service suite of solutions enables you to seamlessly deliver a successful recovery. We help:

  • Investigate and determine the overall impact of the attack
  • Build organisational resilience through business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Integrate lessons learned from key partners or your own experience
  • Build organisational resilience
  • Satisfy reporting needs for auditors and regulators