Cloud Transformation

Fueling your digital journey and delivering business value through cloud solutions

Cloud capabilities are rapidly expanding as companies progress on their digital journeys, and it can be difficult to understand, analyse, and consider so much information. Protiviti’s cloud transformation services help business leaders transform, modernise, and capture value by leveraging the latest capabilities and designing solutions that simply work. Our services also include managing governance, risk, and compliance issues related to the cloud.

Leverage the latest capabilities to transform, modernise and capture value

Cloud transformation services

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Cloud assessment and discovery

In this critical step in your cloud journey, we help you evaluate your current state and inventory of systems, architectures, security profile, and cloud operations, delivering a roadmap of practical steps to move to the cloud and drive cloud adoption.

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Establish a cloud foundation

We work with IT and business leaders to define the architectural design, topology, and methodology to deploy workloads to the cloud, focusing on networking, operations, application development, data migration, and security.

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Cloud migration execution

Ready to move your data, applications, systems, or servers to the cloud? We help organisations create a prioritised plan and roadmap to design and migrate traditional technologies to cloud platforms—IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and hybrid—on any of the cloud vendors.

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Cloud application modernisation and development

Looking to modernise and improve efficiency with cloud-based applications, enterprise systems, or custom tools? We help organisations lift and shift, replatform, or transform applications that drive business functions and improve customer experience.

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Cloud innovation and automation

Gain a competitive edge through AI/ML, prepare for quantum computing advantage, enhance customer value through IoT and adopt emerging technologies. Integrated with our cloud services, we help you seamlessly deploy, scale, and manage these emerging capabilities.


Our approach to cloud transformation

Align your business transformation goals with your modernisation journey

Adoption of cloud services is foundational for organisational agility and innovation to drive digital transformation and enhance consumer experience and value. It is paramount to identify upfront which systems need to be modernised and how to modernise them to unlock the true value of digital transformation. 

Protiviti’s cloud transformation services help align your business transformation goals with your modernisation journey. We bring a holistic assessment approach that views your IT landscape from an cohesive lens of applications, integration, data, and infrastructure. We recommend an incremental business value-based modernisation roadmap, thereby driving business results and self-funding the transformation journey. Throughout the journey, we continuously simplify the business process and bring industry-leading practices and lessons learned from our global clients’ experience to drive faster time to market.

Align your business transformation goals with your modernisation journey

Key partners

Protiviti provides exceptional, innovative cloud transformation services, and we believe our partnerships play a key role in driving collective success for our customers. Through the digital transformation and cloud modernisation journey, we have embedded integrated offerings to understand our customer’s goals and deliver value through our complementary strengths.

CASE STUDY: In partnership with Microsoft, Protiviti’s cloud professionals designed a solution to digitally transform a leading global services organisation from legacy to state-of-the-art cloud-native applications. By replatforming, refactoring, and rehosting the services, the client has been positioned for success in scaling to meet their growing customer demand.


David is a managing director and Protiviti’s global enterprise cloud solution lead. His primary focus is driving the growth and implementation of our cloud services across the globe. David has over 22 years’ experience across a variety of industries and senior IT ...
Alex is a managing director and the cloud solution lead for Australia. He is an accomplished and trusted technology professional with a strong track record in building enterprise cloud solutions, technology strategies and architectures and leading large-scale ...