RPA delivers significant benefits and results — when properly managed

RPA delivers significant benefits and results
RPA delivers significant benefits and results — when properly managed

When implemented correctly and managed effectively, robotic process automation (RPA) can yield significant benefits. The payoffs include a highly positive impact on both operational and workforce performance. RPA lowers costs, increases efficiency and improves quality, among other performance improvements. From a workforce perspective, RPA eliminates repetitive tasks and enables professionals, teams and functions to achieve greater impact by focusing more time and attention on higher-value activities.

However, it is critical to understand that mismanaged RPA initiatives can trigger negative impacts throughout organisations. As such, RPA should be implemented and managed in a risk-savvy manner.

Protiviti’s Unique Approach: RPA Through a Risk Lens

As a world-class global consulting firm, Protiviti applies a risk lens to all of our work. Our risk management heritage and deep experience with helping organisations manage risk efficiently results in a unique approach to RPA. When combined with our RPA expertise, this approach enables Protiviti to support our clients in their push for improved efficiency while also satisfying the need to establish risk and control functions related to RPA.

We deliver our RPA support through a highly competitive staffing model complemented by deeply relevant skills. Our blended delivery approach, offering our clients significant competitive advantage as a result of our part-nership with Robert Half (parent company of Protiviti), brings together our proven consulting capabilities with the largest global network of highly skilled specialised staffing resources to address companies’ RPA needs. We help our clients secure the skills required to design, build, run and, when necessary, recruit and staff their RPA centers of excellence.

How We Help

Rather than just focusing on quick wins, Protiviti works with companies to establish a sustainable RPA model. This approach involves the application of the following delivery attributes:

  • Strategy: We leverage our consulting expertise to ensure RPA capabilities drive and enhance organisational priorities.
  • Governance: We leverage our firm’s risk heritage to institute the appropriate governance over RPA utilisation.
  • Process Evaluation: Our consulting mindset and risk management expertise ensures that the right processes are identified and targeted for automation. We differentiate between what can be automated and what should be automated.
  • Target Operating Model: Our blended consulting and staffing model ensures that our clients establish the proper governance, processes and skills — typically within a Center of Excellence — to manage the robotic workforce over the long term.
  • Change Management: We focus continually on helping client teams and employees as they adapt to new roles and responsibilities during the deployment of the RPA capability.
  • Partnering: Our blended delivery model provides the flexibility and efficiency our partners need to right-size the support needed to optimise their return on RPA investments.

Our RPA Services

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