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Graduate and Winter Intern Program

Throughout your career, we provide opportunities to grow. 

At Protiviti, you impact our clients, our company, and our community. 

We empower you to achieve your goals in both work and life. 

Protiviti Australia named to the 2018 Top 100 Graduate Employers list by Financial Review

Protiviti has again been ranked in the top 10 of Graduate Employers in the Australian Financial Review and GradConnection most popular firms for graduates.

Ranked 9th in 2018 and up from 20th position last year, we continue to improve our reputation as a popular employer among graduates.


An Exciting Moment

"You are about to make one of the most important decisions in your life."

As you think about your internship or entry-level options, you are likely hearing this from several people, and guess what? In a way, they're right. Your understanding of what you want out of a career is an exciting journey that you are about to embark upon.

But don't panic yet. The campus recruiters here at Protiviti work hard to help you realise your potential. Through the campus recruiting process, we will show you how to bring your career to life.



An Introduction to Living Protiviti

Protiviti's Intern Programme takes place each winter in offices across the country. No matter where an intern based, the programme is comprised of the same key components.

Client Work - Interns fill the role of consultants on meaningful project work across our practice. Most interns experience two to three projects, including travel engagements, during their summer.

Learning and Development - Interns attend orientation and The Intern Challenge. They also have access to the same development resources that all employees receive through Protiviti University, our online learning portal.

Mentoring Programme - Each intern is matched with three Protiviti employees who serve as advisers: Buddy, Mentor, and Reviewer.

A Well-Rounded Experience - Our Intern Programme is designed to reward students professionally and socially. Interns learn as part of a Protiviti team on client work. Furthermore, they attend activities throughout the summer that enable interaction with Protiviti employees at all levels. Finally, they participate in social networking and community service initiatives during the internship.



Current Opportunities


A Solid Foundation for your Career

Our entry level hires enjoy a variety of programmes and experiences that help to start their careers off right.

Day One: Consultants start on group start dates with their peers and participate in our unique Passport to Protiviti orientation experience.

Year One: From the very start and throughout their first year, consultants continue to transition into their careers.  With each project, a consultant receives hands-on training in a new environment and interacts with more individuals at all levels of our practice.  Additionally, each new hire receives a network of advisers to help him or her navigate challenges and celebrate milestones.  Finally, consultants have a wealth of opportunities to join committees, participate in events, network and socialise with their local teams.


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