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Embracing Opportunities from Emerging Technologies

In this new video, Jonathan Wyatt and Scott Bolderson, Managing Directors at Protiviti explain the ideas behind designing companies for the digital world.

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How Long Does It Take to Implement a Patch bpro 97

How Long Does It Take to Implement a Patch?

The recent breach of a major credit bureau has raised serious questions about whether boards of directors and senior management are asking the right questions about actions their organisations are taking to protect themselves from cyberthreats. Are boards probing to discover what they don’t know?

Asia Risk and Compliance Newsletter - Issue 6

Asia Risk and Compliance Newsletter - Nov 2017

This newsletter, provides a summary of important risk and compliance developments across the Asia-Pacific financial services sector.

Implementing the New Lease Accounting Standard in SAP Landscapes

Implementing the New Lease Accounting Standard in SAP Landscapes: The Road to Compliance

This paper provides background on the standard and recommends a specific technological solution, SAP Lease Administration by NAKISA, for lessees, to allow for process automation, consistent controls, transparency for lease reporting, and analysis of asset utilisation.

AML FAQ guide

Unlock Your Guide to AML

The Guide begins by summarising some basic principles of money laundering and terrorist financing, followed by discussions of the U.S. legal and regulatory requirements, practical considerations that companies should address in designing and maintaining effective compliance programs, and insights on the synergies and differences between AML/CFT compliance programs and other overlapping areas of compliance (e.g., fraud, offshore tax evasion, anti-corruption, cybersecurity). The Guide closes with a section on international perspectives and initiatives.

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Working at Protiviti

Learn about how at Protiviti, we come together to share diverse ideas and experiences, grow professionally and personally, and collaborate to create a better future for our people, our clients and the communities in which we live and work.

How We Help Our Clients Succeed

Global online payments pioneer discovers it pays to talk to experts before choosing a compliance technology solution

Should we implement an off-the-shelf solution to support our regulatory compliance program? Or, is a custom-built technology solution a better option? Buy versus build?
fewer overruns less delays

Fewer overruns, less delay: How one industrial products company enabled real-time cost reduction with effective capital project controls

Alarmed by the recurring capital project cost overruns and schedule delays he saw, the president of an industrial products company sought help from Protiviti’s capital project management experts. The ensuing collaboration resulted in process and systems upgrades that helped the company eliminate significant cost overruns that afflicted the majority of its previous capital projects.

Innovative Digital Storefront Solution from Protiviti Helps Medical Device Manufacturer Raise Level of Sample Inventory Tracking and Compliance

The success of any project of this scope depends largely on the capabilities and commitment of the client, who in this case provided outstanding leadership, collaboration and a genuine commitment to positive change
Getting smart about sourcing: How one educational and research institution transformed its procurement organization with Protiviti’s help

Getting smart about sourcing: How one educational and research institution transformed its procurement organisation with Protiviti’s help

The university decided to expand Protiviti’s role to perform a detailed spend analysis, develop a center-led procurement process along with updated policies and procedures, and create and conduct a procurement training program for more than 50 individuals.
GRC technology integration FSI

Protiviti goes to bat for frustrated internal audit team in need of GRC technology solution

Know how Protiviti's GRC technology advisory team benefited the Internal Audit team regarding the architecture of the audit module.