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March 19, 2024

Views on Board Governance — Where Directors and C-Suite Leaders Align and Diverge

The views of more than 1,000 directors and C-suite executives on the role and effectiveness of the board are the focus of this report on the results of our inaugural Global Board Governance Survey. This study -- developed by Protiviti, BoardProspects and Broadridge -- is, we believe, the first of its kind. It offers insights regarding the board’s priorities,...

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Risky Women Podcast | Risk Management With Purpose

In this episode of Protiviti's Risky Women podcast series, Ghislaine Entwisle, Managing Director of the Australia Technology Consulting and Business...

Maximising CX: The Game You Must Win

How a business engages its customers at every point of their buying journey is critical to connecting the organisation’s brand promise to, and...

Podcast | Quantum Threat Modeling at DEF CON — with Mark Carney and Victoria Kumaran of Quantum Village

August in Vegas brings intense (but dry) heat and the annual Summer Hacker Camp of events. Arguably, the most fun and intriguing of the bunch is DEF...

Industry Insights - Consumer Products & Retail

Imagine a relay race where each runner, from the seasoned veteran to the energetic newcomer, passes the baton seamlessly to the next. In business,...
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US Supreme Court reshapes the regulatory landscape

Over the course of a few days before the end of its summer session, the U.S. Supreme Court issued three decisions that reshaped the regulatory...

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Global Financial Service Provider Prepares for New Sustainability Reporting Mandates

A global financial service provider prepares for new mandates by advancing sustainability reporting efforts, ensuring compliance and ESG integration.

Podcast | Get Ready for Your IPO: Financial Reporting, Cybersecurity, Sustainability and More – with Stephen Alicanti, Kristy Balsanek, Charles Soranno and Andrea Vardaro Thomas

In this episode of Powerful Insights, we talk about all things around readiness for an initial public offering, or IPO. And spoiler alert, there is a...

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