Protiviti leaders lead with integrity. They care deeply about creating an inclusive and supportive culture for our people. They draw from a wealth of industry and business experience. They ensure our consultants have access to extensive training and the latest in technologies, tools and approaches to critical thinking. They ensure the solutions we offer our clients are tailored, bold and innovative. They are the foundation of our success.  

Bold. Strong. Innovative.
Anneke Wieling

We are more a boutique firm than a one size fits all

We know the future does not come with a playbook and that proven methodologies can only take you so far. To fit your culture and your organizational needs we tailor solutions. We are not afraid to disrupt the traditional consulting model and reach a level of collaboration that is unsurpassed. That partnership, coupled with the right mix of talent and experience, means that when the future arrives, you will already know what it holds.

Protiviti The Netherlands’ team -highly trained, diverse thinkers and results-oriented professionals- collaborates with Protiviti colleagues around the world to partner, advise and provide you -in various industry sectors- with tailored business solutions based on global expertise, unique and diverse perspectives, and access to the latest tools and technologies.

With Anneke Wieling at the helm, you are certain of success. She joined Protiviti in January 2006 and has been the managing director of Protiviti The Netherlands since 2011. Her greatest strength is her genuine interest in people. “We employ smart people and invest a lot in them. I aim to find people who are potentially better than myself. That gives the company a lot of growth options, that benefits our clients who receive tailored, bold and innovative solutions.” Together with the Management Team members she looks for the right person for every step within the entire project of the client. This quality is in line with what the team is striving for: keeping people together, connecting, bringing personality as well as the consulting experience and really making a difference in organizations. We look forward to meeting you!

Anneke Wieling

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is made up of external advisors who bring years of industry experience, sound advice and a wide range of business perspectives to help guide and support us in our strategic decision-making.