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Intelligent automation consulting services in the Netherlands

Intelligent automation, sometimes also referred to as hyper or cognitive automation, combines automation technologies with artificial intelligence (AI) to help organisations make smarter decisions – faster and at scale.  With its ease of implementation and scalability, intelligent automation provides measurable benefits across all business functions.   

Protiviti combines deep process and industry knowledge with AI and automation expertise to help companies solve challenges. We lead with people and process to envision how automation technology can improve operational performance, job functions and the business, and integrate that knowledge with technology to produce practical solutions that generate immediate value.

Intelligent automation consulting services in the Netherlands

Our intelligent automation consulting services

We utilise both automation and artificial intelligence technologies to create solutions that power business and technology transformations.
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Automation strategy

Identifying and establishing the optimal sustainable programme for your organisation can be challenging. We partner with clients to define roadmaps, select platforms, and perform top-down ROI analysis to establish, evolve and scale programmes.

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Natural language processing (NLP)

NLP creates ability for technology to understand speech and text and has applications across many areas, from chatbots to consumer conveniences. We help companies develop solutions that optimise operations, improve employee productivity, and create better experiences.

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Computer vision

We help clients accelerate document and image processing through employing technology, such as optical character recognition (OCR) to convert documents or images into digital data.

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Managed support

We provide flexible programme support, inclusive of development, optimisation, monitoring and help desk for automation programmes at all maturity stages. We leverage talent in-country and in global delivery centers to customise services that best support your priorities.

Hyper automation services

Our approach

Our approach to hyper automation begins with understanding the optimal strategy to meet business needs and priorities and exploring technical solutions that will yield optimal results. Following an iterative, agile process, we put the building blocks in place that will not only deliver an experience-driven solution but will enable programme scalability and through continued innovation and repeated successes.

  • Define – Define vision, desired outcomes, success metrics and engage key stakeholders
  • Explore – Experiment with technologies and methods to deliver optimal outcomes
  • Build – Deploy solutions, operationalise the programme and build dashboards to track against key success measurements
  • Scale – Engage the enterprise, continue to experiment, and deploy solutions 
Hyper automation services

Intelligent Automation partners

We partner with best-in-class technologies to bring leading thinking and capabilities to our clients. Intelligent automation is a rapidly evolving area of technology, and as such we continually evaluate our automation partner ecosystem to ensure we can bring our clients emerging capabilities. Our primary partners include:


Ernst Stoelhorst
Ernst is a managing director with Protiviti in the Amsterdam (Netherlands) Office. He has around 20 years of business experience in supporting companies to enhance their governance, risk and compliance (GRC). His main focus has always been to provide more assurance and/ ...
Joris van de Veerdonk
Joris has 15 years’ experience in applying data and technology to within the finance, operations, internal control, internal audit and risk domain. Joris leads the data analytics, process mining, and intelligent (process) automation services for Protiviti in the Benelux ...