HR Transformation

Reframe the HR organisation and empower your people.

We help you energise your business by supporting your people. HR should not stand alone as a function. Rather, it should work across the organisation to drive business results, engagement, and innovation.  

We help organisations build an efficient HR operating model and delivery team where people and technology work as one.  

Backed by industry expertise, we assist with every stage of the transformation, from streamlining or standardising HR processes to identifying the technology and tools needed to implement the processes that ensure you are set up for success.

HR should not stand alone as a function

Our HR transformation services

We collaborate across Protiviti’s offerings to provide end-to-end solutions for your industry and organisation’s unique needs.
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Business Operations

Protiviti helps you build resilience through adversity and change to ensure long-term operational success. We will help you transform your HR processes, bringing a fresh perspective to streamline your HR function.


Our approach

Protiviti is the expert in HR transformation

 To be able to focus on strategic initiatives that help the business meet its objectives, the HR function must be efficient and effective. HR must embrace technology. Is your HR functioning leverage RPA, AI, or chatbots to increase response time across the organisation and provide more meaningful work for the HR team? Is your HRIS technology the right fit for your organisation’s size and complexity?  

Protiviti's HR Transformation experts assist your organisation to:

  • Assess the efficiency and scalability of your HR operating model
  • Streamline and standardise your HR processes. Protiviti brings a fresh perspective based on our extensive experience redesigning HR processes.
  • Help select and implement the right technologies to enhance your employee experience.  
  • Transform HR with leading HR cloud technologies 
  • Apply analytics to provide real-time, data driven insights  
Protiviti is the expert in HR transformation


Sam Bassett
Sam is the country leader for Singapore. With over 25 years' experience, he's primarily worked in financial services with consulting firms or directly in the banking industry to deliver change and support strategic, tactical, and operation goals across Asia, Europe and ...