Business Planning & Analysis

Navigate volatility and evolving challenges through the power of business partnership and financial planning and analytics to support long-term growth

Business Planning and Analysis

The future is difficult to predict.  When coupled with market volatility, economic shifts, and evolving workforce dynamics, organisations must become even more strategic and agile to remain competitive.  Protiviti's Business Planning & Analysis practice supports our clients through this accelerating pace of strategic decision making with real-time planning activities, leveraging analytics to provide meaningful insights to drive business performance.

Navigating this challenging environment is a continuous journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Protiviti's Business Planning & Analysis team:

  • Customises solutions to enable meaningful strategic, analytical and financial insights to drive critical business decisions.
  • Designs scalable and agile processes supported by technology, automation and advanced analytics.
  • Cultivates a culture of cross-functional collaboration and alignment across our clients' organisations.
Business Planning and Analysis


October 24, 2023

2023 Global Finance Trends Survey

Explore Protiviti’s 2023 global finance trends survey with expert opinions, financial forecasts, and financial risk assessments. Download the full report.

How We’re Helping Our Clients

We deliver a wide-range of capabilities to support your organisation's unique finance needs and beyond:

BP&A Execution Support & Analytics

Our customised solutions enable meaningful strategic, analytical and financial insights to drive critical business decisions and timely identification of key business risks and opportunities.

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BP&A Transformation

We design fit for purpose, scalable and agile processes supported by technology and automation, as well as cultivating a culture of cross-functional business partnership across the organisation. We also develop enhanced reporting enabling greater transparency of key business drivers, spend, and investments.

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Technology Enablement

Our customised solutions enable more accurate and frequent financial reporting and financial projections leveraging meaningful analytical insights enabled by technology. We ensure integrity and governance of data used for planning, reporting, analytics and business decision support.


Transaction Support

We advise and guide our clients through significant transactions including exit events, such as IPOs and M&A, as well as post-M&A integration support.


Playbook: Drive Results & Navigate Uncertainty

How to Build an Effective Business Planning & Analysis Function

Our Business Planning & Analysis Approach

The next generation of financial planning is business planning & analysis (BP&A). BP&A is an enterprise-wide collaborative effort to develop meaningful strategic, analytical, and financial insights to drive critical business decisions in an agile environment. To establish a successful BP&A function, agility, and cross-functional collaboration, coupled with the ability to source data and intelligence from across the business, are critical elements to deliver financial and business insights to drive decisions and navigate uncertainty.

  • Strategic Planning and Forecasting 
    Strategic Planning | Annual Budgeting and Forecasting | Capital & Cost Management

    Organisations that have strong capabilities in the planning and forecasting areas are able to drive key decision, manage financial health and shareholder expectations while mitigating risks and navigating marketplace volatility. 

  • Reporting and Analytics 
    Enterprise-Wide Executive Dashboards | Advanced Analytics | Key Metrics & KPIs | Strategic Decision Support

    Traditional planning approaches are being augmented with ongoing advanced analytics, requiring an agile finance function with deep analytical capabilities in financial planning and risk management. 

  • Business Partnering 
    Cross-Functional Collaboration Organisational Design

    Well-defined roles and responsibilities are more important than ever to avoid duplicative efforts and inefficiencies. Optimisation of activities across the organisation is necessary to drive accurate and timely reporting and analytics.


Sam Bassett
Sam is the country leader for Singapore. With over 25 years' experience, he's primarily worked in financial services with consulting firms or directly in the banking industry to deliver change and support strategic, tactical, and operation goals across Asia, Europe and ...

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