Organisational Changes Drive Seamless Transformation of Back-Office Processes to Propel Business Strategy

Client Snapshot


This leading technology company provides terrestrial and wireless network solutions, emergency services, and satellite and space communications technologies to a global customer base.


Client Situation

This client recently underwent a strategic organisational shift, moving from a holding company to an operating company and was looking for standardisation across people, process, business culture and technology with the CEO and leadership driving towards a “One Company” operating model.


Work Performed

Protiviti partnered with the company’s COO and CFO to assess, redesign, and standardise priority back-office processes across procurement, accounting, and finance. The company’s overall goal was to eliminate manual and disparate back-office processes to create capacity for strategic and growth objectives.



Standardised disparate global processes from 10 business units into a single corporate standard within the procurement and finance functions. | Standardised purchase requisition to purchase order process and automated workflow. | Standardised monthly forecasting package to ensure greater business insight. | Developed a global chart of accounts consolidation and standardisation.


The challenge 

The client’s newly appointed executive team and advisory board was seeking a partner to assist in the standardisation of all back-office functions across nine existing business units as they began the transformation journey to a single operating company with two to three market segments.

Protiviti worked with executive leadership to prioritise various back-office processes and subprocesses (based on Protiviti’s in-house process schema inventories and process classifications) for a pilot standardisation readiness assessment.

Using the assessment results, Protiviti developed an implementation plan to establish standardised processes, policies, and procedures for two target process areas in Procurement and Finance. The implementation plan was focused on achieving the following objectives:

  • Standardising operations allowing a focus on growth and strategic objectives
  • Reducing manual processes and time to delivery in support of formal management KPIs
  • Increasing compliance with corporate or central policies and procedures to drive consistency in operations and financial assumptions.
  • Developing a model to eliminate redundancies and reduce operating costs.

Taking action on strategic vision

To meet these goals, Protiviti provided formal recommendations and worked in partnership with the client to implement an end-to-end transformation within procurement operations and financial budgeting and forecasting, which included:


  • Redesigning and automating a standard requisition to purchase order process within the system of record and across all active users
  • Training all relevant stakeholders and users on the process changes and technology use cases for adherence to new standards
  • Established a singular approval matrix and related thresholds for all purchasing across business units and direct / indirect spend
  • Formally documenting critical purchasing policies and procedures

Budgeting and forecasting –

  • Developed a standardised forecast model to be used by all business units
  • Collaborated with the forecasting tool (OneStream) implementation team to incorporate its functionalities within the forecast model
  • Created a forecasting playbook and structured approval process
  • Trained all relevant stakeholders on the standardised forecast model

Impact on the operating environment

By standardising the purchasing process and formalising corporately defined standards, policies, and procedures, the client was able to explore their purchasing power in greater depths   across the business units and drive towards greater communication and demand / supply planning.

By establishing a formal monthly forecasting package, the company was able to gain better insights into their revenue and opportunity pipeline   to support and drive critical business decisions, as well as improve cross-functional collaboration and alignment   across strategic, business and financial plans.

Protiviti elevated the client’s segmented back-office finance functions and streamlined operations to enable strategic excellence and growth.