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Accelerate process discovery with Protiviti and Celonis

Celonis Gold Partner

Protiviti and Celonis provide you with access to the latest technologies for data-driven process discovery and decision making, leveraging data, process mining algorithms, AI/ML, and automation to drive improved business performance.

We deliver a data-driven understanding of how processes are executed, identify and prioritise deviations, examine root causes, and drive quick and quality decisions.

We accomplish this by using data to visually reconstruct business processes, enabling clients to identify bottlenecks, points of friction, instances of rework, control and compliance breakdowns, and activities with high manual touch, among many others.

Celonis Gold Partner

Our key Celonis consulting solutions include

Leverage data-drive methods to understand the true condition of the current process state, simulate future state, understand what-if scenarios, predict results, and drive transformation with precise results.

Leveraging next-generation digital technologies requires deeper insights into business process design, optimisation opportunities, and strong organisational change management capabilities. Having a data-driven method of determining the path and actions (and resources) required to accomplish the overall objective is critical.

  • Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance process automation and optimisation
  • Transformation blueprinting and adoption validation
  • Migration to S/4 HANA business case justification and design, reducing implementation timeframe
  • ERP Strategy and Rationalisation (Mergers and Acquisitions) and consolidation of ERP systems

Drive data-driven risk assessment, push towards automated walkthrough and process discovery, extend coverage to full populations, monitor controls performance in real-time, and provide more dynamic and impactful reporting.

Next-generation internal audit competencies need to be prioritised, especially related to modernising internal audit practises through data and technology enablement.

Our industry-leading expertise in internal audit, along with our deep capability with emerging technologies such as Celonis, establish a clear path forward for internal audit functions seeking to do more with data and technology.

  • Continuous controls auditing and monitoring
  • Dynamic and high-impact reporting
  • Technology enablement strategy and practises modernisation for internal audit
  • Project-based use of Celonis for increased coverage and deeper insight

Leverage Celonis across finance and operations processes to enable process tweaks, major organisational structure optimisation, back office or financial reporting, and cost reduction or working capital issues.

The CFO and supply chain organisation’s roles are changing from managing the execution to driving and building a sustainable and profitable enterprise with high-performing processes. CFOs are increasingly focused on driving business performance through better use of data and analysis methods and improvements in technology and processes. Operations leaders are looking for every opportunity to execute more efficiently, with increased automation and higher “first time right” rates.

  • Working capital optimisation and efficient close processes to enable finance transformation
  • Operations and supply chain optimisation, with a focus on customer profitability, revenue cycle improvements, and cost reduction initiatives
  • Procurement transformation, driving cost reduction initiatives, and developing alternative sourcing strategies for unforeseen challenges.

View control performance and assess risk with a data-driven approach. We design a target operating model that brings together a transformation vision for people, processes, technology, and data.

We help clients build the confidence and capacity to transform by establishing a culture that drives shared responsibility and innovation.

Our scope of services covers risk operations, risk transformation services, and digital risk management, all of which have tremendous data and technology enablement opportunities.

  • Target operating model, readiness assessment, and innovation services
  • Risk transformation strategy, implementation, and programme delivery
  • Digital maturity assessment, technology strategy, and risk analytics

We provide a truly differentiated Managed Solution capability, blending leading technology (to accelerate discovery and diagnosis, inform corrective action prioritisation, and then monitor performance and SLA adherence) with our already differentiated flexible delivery model.

Companies are seeking innovative ways to address today’s finance, accounting, and operations challenges. Unforeseen issues, transaction backlogs, and one-time events that demand a rapid response drive this search for new and more data and technology-enabled approaches.

  • Transition services include targeted backlog and clean up in a highly automated manner
  • Transformation services in the areas of shared services organisation, digital transformation, and cost-cutting initiatives
  • Transaction support services such as M&A activity and divestitures, and ownership changes

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Whether your organisation is new to Celonis or looking to better leverage your Celonis investment, our team can help! Schedule your introductory call with us today and see how we can help with: • Digital transformation, ERP migration and harmonisation, and system integration • Internal audit analytics and continuous monitoring • Finance and operations insights and Execution • Compliance monitoring and testing, risk assessments, issue management • Managed Business Solutions and project monitoring

Celonis partner

Protiviti’s Celonis alliance gives our clients access to the latest technologies for data-driven process discovery and decision making, leveraging process mining algorithms, AI/ML, and automation to identify non-conformance instances and drive improved performance.

Celonis 2021 Partner of the Year Award

2021 Partner solution of the year

This award is a testament to our consulting and technical expertise, delivering innovation using Celonis technologies. Our proven business consulting acumen, technical expertise, and flexible delivery capabilities make us the most complete Celonis Partner. 

Quality data-driven decisions

Protiviti teams with Celonis to deliver Controls excellence process mining app

Protiviti’s Controls Excellence App, built on the Celonis EMS platform, utilises advanced analytics, machine learning, and data visualisation to help business leaders identify control failures in real-time, pinpoint root causes, and make quick, quality data-driven decisions.

Quality data-driven decisions
Drive value realisation

Industry experience with Celonis process mining

Our global Celonis certified experts blend technical expertise and project experience to drive value realisation. We bring significant business knowledge to your process mining journey, driving rapid transformation and offering a sustainable high-value solution.


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