Financial Crime Compliance

Turning financial crime fighting into a competitive advantage

Protiviti offers a multi-dimensional set of solutions to help your organisation efficiently fight financial crime while staying in sync with regulatory changes. We operate in a highly collaborative environment to promote knowledge and skill transfers and enable your teams to lead through innovative and sustainable processes. We leverage our proven solutions to  help our clients more effectively and efficiently manage their financial crime risks.  

The financial crime landscape has become increasingly complex due to global uncertainty, increasingly sophisticated criminals and an ever-changing regulatory environment.  The “cost of compliance” continues to be a major challenge for financial services companies with innovation and technology essential to successfully addressing that challenge. As financial crimes become more sophisticated and the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, financial institutions need  to adopt innovative, proactive and sustainable measures to keep up with the pace of change and effectively combat “bad” actors. We view Financial crime as falling into five broad areas:

  • Money Laundering. Terrorist Financing and Sanctions evasion
  • Fraud and Identity Theft
  • Bribery and Corruption 
  • Market Manipulation and Insider Trading

Our set of seven core solutions are designed to help Financial Institutions to comply with the plethora of Financial Crime related regulations in a cost optimised way. Our suite of solutions span:  Anti-Money Laundering, OFAC and Trade Sanctions; Fraud Prevention and Detection, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Market Abuse & Trade Surveillance. 

Financial Crime Compliance services

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Assess and Assure Services

We help our clients to identify, quantify, document, monitor, and manage financial crime risks across their enterprise. Typically, we help clients by performing programme, risk, and control assessments and supporting Internal Audit teams execute their Financial Crime audit programmes as well as validate corrective action plans.

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Regulatory Response and Remediation Services

In a highly regulated environment our clients need to be able to successfully prepare for and respond to regulatory examinations and deal with the unexpected. Our services include: Regulatory examination planning and management; programme remediation planning and execution; Regulatory change planning and execution, Incident response and crisis management.

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Forensic Investigation Services

We help our clients investigate suspected internal fraudulent activities, corruption and misconduct quickly and confidently leveraging our forensic expertise to collect, extract and analyse data and information. Our investigation services cover: Internal Fraud, Bribery and Corruption; Ethics and Employee conduct; Data breaches; Claims and disputes; Third party due diligence reviews.

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Data and Analytics Services

Data is more than ever critical to our client’s ability to optimise their Financial Crime programs, comply with applicable regulations and manage financial crime risk effectively. Our core data and analytics services include: Data Analytics Strategy Development and Implementation; Data Analytics Tools Assessment and Deployment; Data mapping, lineage and transformation; Model development, validation, tuning and optimisation; Scenario analysis and development.

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Transformational Services

We support our client’s efforts to transform their end-to-end Financial Crime operations in order to drive cost reduction, enhance risk management and minimise regulatory penalties and financial loss. We combine human intelligence with technology and tools to help uplift our client’s entire financial crime ecosystem. Our services include: Business Case development; Process Optimisation Diagnostics; Target Operating Model design; Process re-engineering and automation; Technology Vendor Assessment and Systems Implementation; Location Assessment and Transition Support and Management; Transform Programme and Project Management.

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People and Organisation Services

Our approach to helping organisations leverage their most trusted assets, their people, is driven by our recognition that getting the best from people across every level especially in times of constant change is central to business success. Getting the right people in the right jobs with right skills together with an ability to accept, adopt and drive change will power a successful organisation. Our services include: Organisational Model Design and Implementation; Talent and Competency Assessment, Competency Model Design and Implementation; Training Curriculum Development; Culture Assessments and Change Management Support.

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Managed Services

As Financial Crime transaction volumes grow and become more more complex, organisations come under pressure to add resources. We can provide additional capacity through our Managed Services solutions. We combine low-cost delivery with process innovation to efficiently support both Business as Usual (BAU) operations or one-off projects to clear backlogs or perform transactional remediations. Our core services include: KYC, AML, Sanctions and Fraud alert clearance; KYC AML and Fraud file reviews or case investigations; Quality Assurance reviews; Capacity Modelling, Metrics Reporting and Analysis.


How we do it

Protiviti helps compliance officers, board members, and all three lines of defense respond to situations of noncompliance and provide sustainable Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions.

Protiviti provides a wide variety of consultative services designed to assist organisations in all aspects of AML/Combating of the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) compliance.

Our approach

Drive innovative financial crime consulting thinking and execution

Protiviti understands the key financial crime challenges leaders face today as well as the future risks for which they need to prepare. We help companies around the globe identify, measure, and navigate their financial crime risks using tactical, sustainable and value-added solutions.

Our approach is to drive innovative financial crime consulting thinking and execution and to help organisations shift the narrative from assessing financial crime risk to designing, building, implementing and effectively running financial crime consulting operations.

Our experts help organisations like yours: 

  • Develop and implement enhanced business processes related to AML Fraud, OFAC and Sanctions, Market Abuse and Trade Surveillance and ABC.
  • Leverage technology, innovation and data to reduce costs, adhere to regulatory requirements and address evolving client challenges. 
Drive innovative financial crime consulting thinking and execution

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