Owen Roderik Strijland

Managing Director

Owen started his career in 1999 as a general ICT consultant in the healthcare and finance domain, through his roles as a change advisor to the executive board for a large insurance/ banking company and his role as manager risk management he encountered a variety of compliance and risk topics where information management, digitisation, and the delivery of tangible results with a diversity of teams were always key.

For a global consultancy company, he has built a team of 50 risk professionals. His experience and motivation to analyse opportunities, start-up, create and sell solutions, positively influences the group process to perform and get the best out of people. Today Owen is responsible for the Financial Services and Fintech industry solutions for Protiviti Benelux and leads the Risk and Compliance solution. His focus is on bringing the right people, technology, and partners to his clients to really solve challenges.

Owen is a Design Thinking facilitator and founded the Dutch Chapter of ACFCS. Since 2014, he has a seat in the Dutch Management Team of Protiviti.