Meet Compliance and Regulatory Requirements for Records Management with Microsoft 365

Review of Microsoft 365 Capabilities for Records Management and the ICA Guidelines and Functional Requirements for Electronic Document and Records Management Systems

Leveraging Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online as an organisation’s primary electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) provides the ability to effectively fulfill compliance and regulatory requirements for information and records management, including those listed in the ICA Module 2 standard for electronic document management systems. It also provides a stable future-ready solution for adopting new standards, or changes to standards, as they are provided to the market with minimal disruption to the solution’s design, configuration and end user experience.

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online provide a mature platform for organisations to use as their primary EDRMS while supporting complex requirements from standards such as ICA Module 2. However, ICA Module 2 is an aging standard and organisations are encouraged to look to new standards which include modern requirements for records management. As we detail in this white paper, migration to Microsoft 365 allows an organisation to fulfill EDRMS requirements on a platform which also supports more recently developed standards, such as ISO 16175-1:2020. It provides the organisation with a long-term solution which will continue to support their enterprise information management requirements for years to come.