Managed Business Services Overview

Companies are seeking innovative ways to address today’s finance and accounting challenges. Unforeseen issues, transaction backlogs, and one-time events that demand a rapid response drive this search for new approaches. Finance leaders now operate with leaner staffs. Often, just enough resources are on board to meet routine business needs. Meanwhile, the pace of business change has accelerated, increasing pressures on finance and accounting staffs. As they compete for an ever-dwindling pool of qualified finance and accounting resources, leaders are looking for ways to respond to challenges without over-burdening their employees.

Managed Business Services seamlessly integrates world-class solution-based consulting with the largest global network of highly-skilled, specialised staffing resources. A one-of-a-kind, flexible delivery model, Managed Business Services blends Protiviti’s unmatched consulting experience and Robert Half’s deep operational expertise to build resource teams, customised with clients, to address any challenge.


When finance leaders are called on to respond to external events or internally-driven transformations, they need real-time, on-demand assembly of dynamic teams. Our approach gives leaders complete control.

Projects kick off with rapid on-boarding of teams tasked with objective-based plans, measures, and goals, often supported by digital accelerators. As they progress, they develop an understanding of your end-to-end processes, and identify gaps and defects. They design tools and templates to stabilise, standardise, streamline, and automate business processes as they go, empowering you to run leaner, confident you have a partner to rely on when your next challenge arises.