NSW Chief Data Scientist Ian Opperman on ways we’ll use the metaverse in future

In brief

  • 2:22 - When we start thinking about things like a digital driver’s license or a digital birth certificate and you can interact with that in a new and interesting and intuitive way and interact also with those digital equivalents of not only physical assets but digital equivalent of services, digital equivalent potentially even of rights, then we really start to talk about something interesting.
  • 8:04 - In New South Wales, the building commissioner has developed a blockchain-based system to track where every component of a building has come from. So, the building itself is modeled but also the provenance of all the components is now modeled and that develops a trust index.
  • 16:49 - I think we’re still running an experiment as the human race to see what the implications of constantly on, constantly accessible, and constantly connected really means to people.

VISION by Protiviti interviews Dr. Ian Oppermann, the New South Wales Government’s Chief Data Scientist working within the Department of Customer Service and expert on the future impact of technology on society, about how we’ll use the metaverse in the future. Dr. Oppermann is also an Industry Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and served as CEO of the New South Wales Data Analytics Centre from 2015 to 2019. Dr. Oppermann is interviewed by Ghislaine Entwisle, a Managing Director at Protiviti Australia and co-leader the IT Advisory practice.

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