Podcast | From Qubits to Qumodes in Photonic Quantum Computing with QuiX Quantum

In late 2020, physicists in China generated controversy by claiming quantum advantage with a photonic quantum computing system that’s technically not programmable. Other companies have been experimenting with photonic systems, including QuiX Quantum. How do these machines work? Should scientists redefine what quantum advantage means, focusing on practical, usable problems a machine is solving? Join host Konstantinos Karagiannis for a chat on light-based quantum computing with Dr. Jelmer Renema from QuiX Quantum.

Guest: Dr. Jelmer Renema from QuiX Quantum

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Quantum computing capabilities are exploding, causing disruption and opportunities, but many technology and business leaders don’t understand the impact quantum will have on their business. Protiviti is helping organisations get post-quantum ready. In our bi-weekly podcast series, The Post-Quantum World, Protiviti Associate Director and host Konstantinos Karagiannis is joined by quantum computing experts to discuss hot topics in quantum computing, including the business impact, benefits and threats of this exciting new capability.