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August 2023

Congratulations to Protiviti client Ally Financial, named a winner in the 2023 CIO 100 awards. These awards celebrate 100 organisations that are using IT in innovative ways to deliver business value. The award is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence. 

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SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Enhancements

Flash Report

SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Enhancements: Efforts to Boost Investor Confidence

The big picture: On July 26, 2023, the SEC adopted amendments to its rules on cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance and incident reporting by public companies subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Why it matters: The SEC’s view is that cybersecurity threats and incidents pose an ongoing risk to public companies, investors and market participants, as evidenced by the growing number and greater frequency of occurrences of attacks being launched by cyber criminals who are using increasingly sophisticated methods. The amendments are intended to help assure both timely and consistent information about cybersecurity risks and incidents.

Go deeper: In this Flash Report, we summarise the SEC’s adopted amendments to its rules on cybersecurity disclosures and provide guidance to public companies that will need to comply with these rules as soon as December 2023.

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SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Enhancements
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August 17, 1 p.m., EDTAre You Ready for (Responsible) AI? How to Embrace the Future of Productivity and Limitless Innovation With Microsoft AI

Enterprise leaders should be thinking about how advances in generative AI today could relate to their business models and processes tomorrow. The next impressive development in generative AI is quickly approaching. How can your organisation find an edge while maintaining trust? Register now!

Wednesday, August 30, 1 p.m. EDT — Leveraging AI Within an Evolving Regulatory and Compliance Landscape

While artificial intelligence (AI) has become the new buzzword within organisations, there appear to be more questions than answers relating to AI's successful adoption given the ever-morphing business environment and emerging regulatory landscape. Join our panel discussion as we examine five key considerations when implementing AI within your organisation. Hear from industry leaders who have experience leveraging technology-enabled AI solutions in the context of a fluid and evolving regulatory environment. Register now!

New Podcasts

New Podcasts

Protiviti Experts Share Their Views

The Rise of Generative AI  
ChatGPT is the talk of the town today, representing a new frontier of promise, productivity and capabilities for organisations around the world. But it also comes with risks that these organisations must understand and manage to capitalise successfully on these new technologies. Listen to Protiviti Managing Director Christine Livingston share her thoughts on this hot topic.

Using Cyber Risk Quantification to Make the Right Risk Decisions  
Cyber risk quantification can be a crucial tool for keeping up with shifting cybersecurity landscapes. Protiviti Director Daniel Stone and Associate Director Tim Kelly discuss how cyber risk quantification can lead to better risk decision-making, how to beat analysis paralysis when you have reams of risk data in front of you and the best ways to use risk quantification to reduce reactivity and improve communication across any organisation.

New Podcasts
New Videos

New Videos

Invest Two Minutes in These Hot Topics

Future Discretionary Spend  
Where are organisations focusing investments in technology and future discretionary spend? Managing Director Amanda Downs shares how digitising the physical and creating new lines of business are helping organisations differentiate themselves and transform their businesses.

How to Manage Resilience as an Organisation  
Andrew Retrum, Managing Director, discusses common challenges organisations face when building a resilient business and how to meet those challenges by investing in understanding their services.

Considerations and the Future for SAP  
Vijan Patel, Managing Director, discusses the key questions leaders using SAP should be asking and where this powerful technology is headed in the future. Learn how to maximise your SAP investment. 


By Damon Owen and Dugan Krwawicz

New regulations have organisations focusing on resilience more than ever. We find that even if enterprises are not obliged to meet new requirements, they are developing resilient capabilities. Their leaders know that resilient organisations possess the capacity to withstand adverse unexpected changes and that these organisations will succeed with “business as usual,” even in the face of potential disruption. Resilience components that impact mature operating models include business, technology, cybersecurity and third-party resilience disciplines. 

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By Uriah Robins

In today’s interconnected world, where adversaries seem to always be one step ahead, companies face an increasingly complex threat landscape. One of the most challenging and often-overlooked threats is the dark web, an intentionally hidden part of the internet where threat actors can operate with a greater sense of anonymity. To adequately protect assets, companies need to do more than merely protect their physical and logical networks with the usual cadre of hardware and software (firewalls, intrusion protection/detection, etc.). 

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