Financial Crime Compliance

Turning financial crime fighting into a competitive advantage

Protiviti offers a multi-dimensional set of solutions and managed services to help your organisation efficiently fight financial crime while staying in sync with regulatory changes. We operate in a highly collaborative environment to promote knowledge and skill transfers and enable your teams to lead through innovative and sustainable processes. We leverage our unique, high value delivery model and manage financial crime risks through proven delivery of valued-added solutions. The financial crime landscape has become increasingly complex due to global uncertainty, cost pressures and technology-driven financial crime. The costliest elements of increased compliance are often attributed to: 

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives including sanction screenings, payment screenings, and transaction monitoring

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) initiatives including source of wealth reviews, source of funds reviews, and KYC remediation  

As financial crimes become more sophisticated and the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, financial institutions must adopt innovative, proactive and sustainable measures to keep up with the pace of change and effectively combat illicit actors.

Financial Crime costs continue to escalate, making innovative solutions even more important

Financial crime compliance services

Pro Document Stack

Assess and assure services

We identify, quantify, document, monitor, and manage financial crime risks both horizontally across your business, as well as vertically down to any one individual customer relationship to evaluate the effectiveness and design of your financial crime landscape. We offer services like policy and procedure assessments; risk and controls regulatory assessments; program assessments; program and procedure audits; corrective action plan validations

Pro System Security

Regulatory response and remediation services

We offer identification, planning and remediation of financial crime consulting vulnerabilities to help you reduce the overall regulatory risk to your business and keep up with evolving regulations. Our services include: incident and crisis response and management; disputes and claims; regulatory/examination planning and management; program remediation planning and execution; regulatory change planning, management, and execution

Pro Legal Briefcase

Investigation services

We deliver meaningful, data-driven insights to help you improve the effectiveness of your program by consolidating your processes into one customised enterprise-driven solution. Our services include: forensic investigations related to fraud, Anti-Bribery and Corruption (AB&C), ethics and employee conduct, financial records, data breaches, claims and disputes; third party due diligence reviews; business intelligence research; transaction monitoring, source of wealth reviews and anti-bribery and corruption compliance program evaluation

Pro Document Consent

Transformational services

We transform your compliance program using data, technology, and human intelligence to optimise your programs while reducing risks, containing costs, and improving your financial crime ecosystem: optimisation diagnostics; policy design and implementation; process reengineering and automation, robotic Process Automation (RPA), artificial Intelligence (AI), digital transformation; data model and standards redesign and implementation; technology vendor assessment and systems implementation; transform program and project management; revenue preservation and loss prevention


How we do it

Protiviti helps compliance officers, board members, and all three lines of defense respond to situations of noncompliance, provide sustainable anti-money laundering (AML) solutions and suspicious transaction reporting.

Protiviti provides a wide variety of consultative services designed to assist organisations in all aspects of AML/Combating of the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) compliance.

Our approach

Drive innovative financial crime compliance consulting thinking and execution

Protiviti understands the key financial crime challenges leaders face today as well as the future risks for which they need to prepare. We help companies around the globe identify, measure, and navigate their financial crime risks using tactical, sustainable and value-added solutions.

Our approach is to drive innovative financial crime consulting thinking and execution and to help organisations shift the narrative from assessing financial crime risk to designing, building, implementing and effectively running financial crime consulting operations.

Our experts help organisations like yours:

  • Develop and implement enhanced business processes related to AML fraud, OFAC and sanctions, market abuse and trade surveillance and AB&C.
  • Leverage technology, innovation and data to reduce costs, adhere to regulatory requirements and address evolving client challenges.
Drive innovative financial crime compliance consulting thinking and execution

What is financial crime and how can you prevent it?

The most important factor for having a strong compliance culture in your firm is having effective controls to manage money laundering and financial crime risks. Watch the video to learn the top three tips from our experts to strengthen your organisation's financial crime compliance program.


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