Employee Network Groups

Our Employee Network Groups (ENG) are local, grass-roots groups fully supported by leadership that organise both in-person and online events and activities to promote diversity and inclusion initiatives within the company. We encourage all employees to join as many ENGs that fit their experiences and passions. 

Asian Social Professional Initiatives and Resourceful Employees (ASPIRE)

ASPIRE (Asian Social Professional Innovative and Resourceful Employees)

ASPIRE’s mission is to help advance Pan-Asian leadership within Protiviti and help advance the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts through close collaboration with Ascend and other Pan-Asian organisations and paying it forward in our local communicates.

Black Employee Inclusion Network Group (BEING)

BEING (Black Employee Inclusion Network Group)

BEING’s mission is to recruit and retain Protiviti employees that identify as Black or African American or are interested in supporting/learning more about the Black experience from a corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion perspective. Through programming, mentorship, and networking opportunities, BEING aims to prom...

Experienced Hire Network (EHN)

Experienced Hire Network

The Experienced Hire Network supports experienced hires transition into Protiviti and provide them with the right resources for a successful start within the firm.

Gender Equity in Technology and IT (GET IT)

GET IT (Gender Equality in Technology and IT)

GET IT aims to address the unique challenges people face when pursuing careers in technology and strives to create greater gender diversity in those fields.

Growth and Retention of Women in the Workforce (iGROWW)

iGROWW (Initiative for the Growth and Retention of Women)

iGroww provides a workplace community for women employees and a forum to enhance employee success, with initiatives focused on the recruiting, mentoring, growth and retention of women.

Latin/Hispanic Employee Network Group (LHENG)

LHENG (Latin/Hispanic Employee Network Group)

LHENG’s mission is to build a network in support of Latin / Hispanic employees with the following key focus areas: recruitment, retention and leadership development of Latin / Hispanic talent, business networking through partnership with external organisations, community service outreach and promotion of cultural aware...

Multicultural Employee Network Group (MENG)

Multicultural Network

The Multicultural ENG promotes an inclusive working environment and creates a network in which employees of all cultures, races, nationalities, and ethnicities feel accepted and valued.


Parents Network

The Parents Network is a community for working parents at Protiviti. Through this network, we empower working parents to share successes, exchange information, support transitions and tackle challenges together.


ProMIND Network

ProMIND promotes mental wellbeing for all and aims to reduce the stigma of mental health challenges through open dialogue. ProMIND provides support through resource sharing and encouraging mindful activities.


ProPride Network

ProPRIDE provides a workplace community for LGBTQ+ employees and welcomes participation from both LGBTQ+ employees and allies.


Military ENG

The mission of the Military ENG is to have a positive impact on the careers of employees with prior and ongoing military service. In addition, the Military ENG seeks to improve Protiviti's​ ability to attract and retain employees from this unique talent pool.​