Celonis is the world market leader in process mining and execution management systems, specialising in identifying the process bottlenecks and inefficiencies adversely impacting organisational abilities. They accomplish this by analysing and visualising an organisation’s data, providing complete transparency into how processes are being executed. Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) applies proprietary algorithms, interactive and dynamic visualisations, and AI techniques to depict and predict process activity requiring attention or intervention. Coupled with the platform’s workflow, notification, and automation capabilities, Celonis actively supports quick, quality, and data-driven decision-making to support optimised business performance.

Protiviti’s strategic partnership with Celonis includes strategy, implementation, and value realisation services and enables clients to access the software for single projects or in an as-a-service capacity. We specialise in leveraging Celonis for business performance improvement and transformation, compliance, and audit and controls. Our award-winning Partner Solution of the Year “Controls Excellence” application is a unique innovation allowing clients to continuously monitor controls performance through a standardised process-risk-control hierarchy.

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