Corporate Restructuring and Litigation Services


Businesses face risks from a host of internal and external events such as mergers and acquisitions, insolvency due to over-expansion, financial restatements and protracted litigation. These pressures can lead to complex litigation matters or the need to restructure a company’s capital structure in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy or outside a court supervised process. While each event is unique, all must be understood from the root cause and managed with expediency to limit exposure. 


Protiviti's Restructuring & Litigation practice has worked with companies around the world to manage the challenges they face today to help them come out stronger tomorrow. Protiviti’s team combines financial advisory and business management experience to implement solutions for clients involved in either out-of-court or court-supervised proceedings. The diversity of our capabilities allow us to fit our capabilities to the unique demands of your situation. Our multi-disciplinary approach includes certified professionals in the following areas: Certified Public Accountant, Certified Insolvency & Restructuring Adviser, Certified Distressed Business Appraiser, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Valuation Analyst, Accredited Valuation Professional, and Chartered Financial Analyst.

As a global network, we commit the resources necessary for each engagement and provide the appropriate combination of industry and functional expertise to develop innovative and practical solutions to complex financial problems.

Debtor Advisory

Recognise that it is essential to utilise financial strategies that will protect and enhance the interests of the company, its creditors and other interested parties. 

  • Chapter 11 Planning & Reporting
  • Bankruptcy Accounting & Administration
  • Insolvency Litigation & Expert Witness Services

Fiduciary Services

Serve as fiduciaries and advisers to fiduciaries in a variety of industries for insolvent estates, managing pre- and post-confirmation entities.

  • Chapter 7 & 11 Trustee
  • Post-Confirmation Trustee
  • Plan Administrator
  • Court-appointed Examiner
  • Receiver
  • Chief Liquidation Officer
  • Chief Restructuring Officer

Chapter 11 Unsecured Creditors' Committee Advisory

Navigate unsecured creditors through the complexities associated with corporate restructuring.

  • Assess feasibility of proposed plan
  • Analyse cash flow risks and opportunities
  • Review plan for tax consequences

Litigation Consulting

Support plaintiffs, defendants and counsel during adversarial disputes both in- and out-of-court proceedings.

  • Forensic Accounting & Advisory Services
  • Business Valuation
  • Damages & Lost Profits Analysis
  • Expert Witness & Testimony

Secured Creditor & Lender Advisory

Help lenders and creditors monitor, negotiate and manage their exposure to troubled companies.

  • Initial Risk Assessment
  • Analysis of Borrower’s Financial Condition
  • Monitor Covenant Compliance

M&A Advisory & Due Diligence

Offer an integrated one-stop solution for financial, tax and IT due diligence with a focus on value drivers and deal issues that drive investment decisions.

  • Financial Analysis & Sensitivity Modelling
  • Historical tax evaluation & Tax Exposure Quantification
  • IT Organisation and Governance Assessment