Australia’s federal and state governments face difficult decisions everyday in how they allocate resources to best serve the Australian population. Whether your department specialises in defence, healthcare, services, or the environment, Protiviti are well-equipped to understand unique strengths, risks and opportunities across complex federal government and state government departments. 

We have a long history as government consultants, leading projects from risk assurance and internal audit, through to digital transformation, business process improvement and human capital change management. We help government departments innovate, manage internal change, and ensure they’re well equipped to optimally serve the constituents they represent.

We help government organisations manage critical business challenges to help them face the future with confidence. Here are some of the most pressing issues we are helping organisations to address. 


Government agencies are often a frequent target for cybercrimes. Confidence in cybersecurity does not come from believing nothing will happen, it is achieved by knowing all the things that can happen and being prepared. Protiviti provides a holistic approach that defines what is most important to you, helping you to protect yourself and also react quickly when a breach occurs. 

Digital Transformation

Digitisation of government services presents a significant opportunities to become more efficient while also delivering a better experience to your citizens. We help you to seize the opportunities for improvement, aligning people, processes and technology to transform your organisation and help you to face the future with confidence.

Business Intelligence

Improving how you understand, organise and leverage your data assets is a critical. The challenge is identifying and capturing information in disparate systems and then organising and managing this information to create insights. Protiviti takes a pragmatic “one size does not fit all” perspective. We tailor solutions that fit your organisation, enhancing value through more efficient collection, distribution and usage of information.

Cost and Performance Management

Increased scrutiny from oversight bodies and citizens is pushing government to run more effectively and efficiently. We help you identify and implement cost management and cash flow improvement efforts that drive performance, in both good times and those more challenging.

Evolution of Internal Controls

In government agencies, control is critical to success. However, the demands on internal audit continue to increase as the expectation today is not just for accurate reporting, but insights that can improve the organisation. We can help you steer your agency or organisation with greater precision and prescience, increasing confidence you are on the right path.

Cloud Services

Cloud technology is changing the way government and enterprise operates. We can help accelerate cloud solution implementation by enabling agility and identifying the critical path required to deploy solutions. Protiviti’s comprehensive cloud modernisation approach supports strategy and planning through development, deployment, migration, application modernisation and ongoing support.