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We enable enterprises to operationalise privacy, security, and data governance. Our OneTrust consulting services include implementation; design, configuration, and customisation of the solution; analysis; and value realisation, all specific to our client’s requirements.

Our partnership provides our clients with a modular platform to support global privacy, security, data governance, ethics and compliance, third-party risk, GRC, and ESG initiatives. 

Protiviti’s dedicated OneTrust experts form a cross-functional team with a unique blend of technical expertise, project experience, and business knowledge, delivering results that provide real value to your business.

Cross-functional team with a unique blend of technical expertise

Client Story

May 23, 2024

Trusted Partnerships and Collaborative Efforts Drive Success in Data Privacy Initiatives

We partnered with the client in building and maturing a data privacy program, including enhancing the company’s privacy rights process into a universal, globally scalable webform intake, 10+ custom workflows and an encrypted portal. Leveraged OneTrust autoblocking to establish baseline cookie compliance.

Our key OneTrust consulting solutions include

Our experts help clients design, plan, and implement the OneTrust solution to fit each client’s needs through:

  • Comprehensive readiness assessments, roadmaps, communication, and change management plans
  • Configuration, development, and customisation

Every client is unique, requiring customisation of the OneTrust platform to best fit their needs and risk profile. Protiviti helps them with:

  • Optimising platform configuration leveraging the rollout strategy, project plans, and implementation best practises
  • Low/no-code, front-end configuration

As businesses grow, needs change, as does the technology needed to stay competitive. Protiviti helps clients take advantage of new technology like OneTrust by assisting with:

  • Data migration from legacy platforms
  • Automating existing business processes with OneTrust modular applications

Today’s technology landscape is interconnected. With OneTrust, organisations can take advantage of a single solution for privacy, GRC, Data Governance, Ethics and Compliance, and ESG to automate privacy processes. Protiviti’s OneTrust experts can:

  • Integrate legacy and proprietary systems into your new OneTrust ecosystem
  • Integrate business functions to modernise and streamline processes through a privacy, security, and GRC lens

Protiviti is the only organisation that provides a unique, flexible delivery model to help you address short-term skill gaps, deliver project results, and transform your organisation. We do this through:

  • Scalable, contractual services providing increased access to skilled privacy resources
  • Developer and integration services

Protiviti’s partnership with OneTrust enables us to offer customised and fully-managed solutions to our clients. We act as an extension of the client’s team, providing expert insights and helping build a comprehensive privacy programme that works for all stakeholders.

Protiviti uses an iterative, phased, and scalable approach, building the programme iteratively and integrating with technical staff on the ground, allowing clients to stay ahead of the compliance curve and act quickly against new and emerging regulations.

Ready to get started?

Whether your organisation is new to OneTrust or looking to better leverage your OneTrust investment, our team can help! Schedule your introductory call with us today and see how we can help with: • Design, plan, and implement • Application development • Migration and automation • Integration • Managed and on-demand services • OneTrust Centre of Excellence

OneTrust Partner

Protiviti’s OneTrust implementation and Center of Excellence services provide clients with a centralised, modular platform to operationalise global privacy, security, data governance, ethics and compliance, third-party risk, GRC, and ESG programs and initiatives.

Privacy and OneTrust: leveraging our partnership to accelerate customer growth

Over 200 certified consultants

Protiviti has performed more global implementations than other OneTrust partners, and has over 200 certified consultants, including more than 10% of the global population of OneTrust Fellows of Privacy Technology, spread across Europe, the Americas, and APAC regions.

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Over 200 certified consultants

Solve your key challenges with our data privacy consulting solutions

Effective privacy and data protection programmes

Our global clients are experiencing unprecedented change in the data privacy landscape. Protiviti’s Data Privacy consulting team understands the risks and challenges our clients face in developing and maintaining effective privacy and data protection programme. 

Effective privacy and data protection programmes


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