Future of Work

We help you plan for the unknown.

Protiviti helps organisations assess the effectiveness of their current working environment (in-person, hybrid, remote), providing solutions and strategies to ensure that their people can be fully productive.

Protiviti helps organisations assess their talent; map their skills and talent to their business objectives to identify gaps; and then determine strategies on how they fill those talent gaps.

Protiviti helps organisations determine the best way to get work done

Future of work services

Pro Document Consent

Contingent Workforce Management

We help organisations adapt to new labour model, which among other elements, comprises a managed services approach that aligns full-time employees, external consultants, and interim professionals in a coordinated fashion.


Our approach

Protiviti helps you RISE to meet challenges presented by an unknown future workplace

Companies are transitioning to a workplace model with a significant remote working component and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. To some extent, the decision on whether and how to implement a hybrid or remote working model is unique to each organisation. Maintaining company culture and employee engagement are important considerations. 

RISE When Implementing Significant Change  

Protiviti helps you RISE to meet challenges presented by an unknown future workplace. RISE reflects four important differentiators for leaders and their companies as they drive change: 

  • Respond to Change 
  • Imagine the Future 
  • Strong Performance  
  • Engage with RESPECT 

The companies that redesign their workplace and engage their workforce to align with the needs of customers and other external stakeholders will be positioned to compete on trust in a marketplace that places a premium on it. 

Companies need to embrace new finance and accounting labour models now. Protiviti assists with determining whether a labour model is outdated and decide on a strategy to respond to fast-changing resource needs, better equipping organisations to avoid many risks within the traditional labour model.

Protiviti helps you RISE to meet challenges presented by an unknown future workplace


Sam Bassett
Sam is the country leader for Singapore. With over 25 years' experience, he's primarily worked in financial services with consulting firms or directly in the banking industry to deliver change and support strategic, tactical, and operation goals across Asia, Europe and ...