Compliance Transformation

Protiviti shifts compliance functions from retrospective hindsight to foresight

Protiviti’s Compliance Transformation experts leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to innovate, which helps organisations transform their compliance functions by focusing on business value. Our consultants bring a deep understanding of the industries in which they operate, awareness of leading practices, expertise in new and emerging technologies, and imagination to help clients innovate, transform and succeed.

Compliance leaders are shifting their strategic focus from remediation to growth and innovation. Analysing risks related to the execution of strategies is a key foundation, but it’s no longer sufficient to anticipate and manage change. Compliance officers must be able to support new product launches, M&A activity, and partnerships at an increasing pace. Compliance organisations need to demonstrate an efficient use of resources and the ability to leverage data and capitalise on digital advancements. The future strategy must expand so that compliance is a business partner to the first line with specialist skills that support business growth.

Analysing risks related to the execution of strategies is a key foundation, but it’s no longer sufficient to anticipate and manage change

Our Compliance transformation services

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Target Operating Model Design and Implementation

We help you reenvision how you bring together people, data and processes by leveraging technology strategies that create value for your customers and propel your competitive advantage. An operating model must define and determine how an organisation will function to accomplish its business objectives.

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Transformation Strategy, Planning & Execution

We develop an agile transformation road map leveraging the strategy defined with prioritised milestones, accountability metrics, performance criteria and budget monitoring/reporting processes. We will use this road map throughout the duration of your transformation journey to help clients define and implement their projects effectively and efficiently.

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Strategic Change Management

We enable successful transformation processes to incorporate both operational and regulatory compliance change management requirements. We enable the business to successfully implement processes and controls.

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Strategic Regulatory Remediation

We help manage regulatory remediation efforts. Organisations need to ensure that activity is managed consistently through an overarching vision upheld throughout the duration of remediation activities while maintaining a culture of continuous improvement. As the average time to remediate enforcement actions is over six years, the strength of the vision and continued dedication to sustainable progress is essential.


Our approach

Protiviti's approach begins with designing a target operating model that brings together a vision for people, processes, technology and data to enable your business strategy. We help you build the capacity to transform by establishing a culture that drives shared responsibility and innovation.

As regulatory pressure intensifies, competition increases and costs are increased, banks need to make their compliance programmes more effective and efficient.

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