Operational Resilience

Minimise operational disruptions to your organisation.

Advancements in technology create both opportunities and vulnerabilities. The sophistication of cyber threats will continue to increase. Systems will fail. Outsourcing to vendors and third-party contractors will provide efficiencies and reduce costs, but also create concentration and supply chain risks.

In this challenging landscape, having a firm understanding of how to minimise the impact of a disruption to your external stakeholders and the broader economy, and knowing where your organisation’s vulnerabilities lie will help you recover more quickly and minimise customer harm.

We help organisations identify vulnerabilities, understand the root cause and create solutions to address them. We review resilience programme governance, enhance existing technologies, and oversee operational processes and controls to improve your operational resilience.


December 22, 2023

2024 Top Risks in the Financial Services Industry

Protiviti and NC State University’s ERM Initiative have been conducting our Top Risks Survey for the past 12 years. This journey began just as financial markets around the world were starting their long, slow recovery from the global financial crisis, and has since covered the worst global pandemic in 100 years as well as near record-low interest rates followed...

Our Operational Resilience services

Protiviti’s Operational Resilience consulting includes:
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Programme Development

Designed for the size and complexity of your business. We leverage industry leading frameworks, with a focus on governance and alignment with foundational elements.

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Programme Assurance

Assess the firm’s current practices with regard to operational resilience, including an assessment of the foundational elements.

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Resilience Scenario Testing

Challenge existing resilience practises through enterprise wide scenario testing to simulate “extreme but plausible” scenarios impacting important business services of the firm.

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Maturing “Foundation “Elements

Address known deficiencies in foundational elements of operational resilience: Business Resilience, Cyber Resilience, Third-Party Resilience, Technology Resilience.


The Protiviti advantage

Operational Resilience experts at Protiviti help organisations demonstrate, enhance and improve their resilience

Operational Resilience experts at Protiviti help organisations demonstrate, enhance and improve their resilience.

We help organisations demonstrate and improve resilience, building on existing business continuity management activities, IT disaster recovery and cybersecurity incident response. Our experts bring a breadth of knowledge across the four domain areas of operational resilience: business, technology, cyber and third-party.

  • Business Resilience: We help build and enhance existing business continuity programmes to more closely align to evolving best practice under resilience.
  • Technology Resilience: We help our clients most difficult technology risk challenges, such as data architecture, cloud strategy, data centers and identity and access management.
  • Cyber Resilience: We offer a leading cyber resilience practice and help with challenges such as NIST framework and ISO 27001 implementation, penetration testing and PCI compliance.
  • Third-Party Resilience: We help our clients manage supplier oversight challenges such as strategy and framework design, assessment operations, implementation solutions and remediation efforts.

We work with and report to executive leaders and the board to address and assist organisations with:

  • Current State Assessment & Setup
  • Important Business Service and Process Formalisation
  • Impact Tolerance Development
  • Front-to-back Mapping
  • Scenario Testing and Simulation Exercise Development
  • Programme Implementation
  • Mature Foundational Elements
  • Independent Assurance of Programme Delivery
  • Second or Third Line Support
  • Development and Strengthen Existing Internal Audit Plan
  • Cybersecurity Programme
  • BCP Support & Review
  • Technology Strategy Review and Enhancement

Our operational resilience expertise is complimented by strong, active relationships with our clients and regulators. Our team continues to work closely with trade associations, including Global Financial Markets Associations (AFME, ASIFMA and SIFMA), of which we have co-authored publications with both SIFMA – Quantum Dawn V and Quantum Dawn VI – and AFME – Cloud Risk and Resiliency.

Operational Resilience experts at Protiviti help organisations demonstrate, enhance and improve their resilience

Notre équipe

Arnaud Floquet
Arnaud est Managing Director de la practice Risk and Compliance du bureau de Paris. Il possède plus de 20 ans d'expérience professionnelle en matière de gestion globale des risques (ERM), de contrôle interne (SOX / LSF) et de conformité règlementaire (LCB-FT, Sanctions ...
Alexandre Roset
Associate Director chez Protiviti, Alexandre Roset possède plus de 12 ans d’expérience professionnelle en gestion des risques, conformité, audit interne, contrôle interne et dans la gestion de projet de transformation et des processus associés. Alexandre est notamment ...
Jacques Pama
Associate Director chez Protiviti, Jacques Pama dispose de plus de 20 ans d’expérience professionnelle dans le pilotage de projets/programmes de transformation autour de la gestion des risques, le contrôle permanent et la conformité dans les services financiers. Au ...

Premium associate memberships

Protiviti is a Premium Associate Member of SIFMA, AFME and ASIFMA, collectively part of the Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA). Protiviti actively engages with the associations, committees and working groups, sharing insights and expertise on crucial industry developments, speaking at conferences an events, and contributing to advocacy efforts for effective and resilience capital markets. Our membership allows us to contribute our deep understanding of the continued evolving and competitive financial services industry landscape.