Managed Solutions

Managed service solutions in France

Nous combinons sous un pilotage unique des services de conseil, de gestion de projet et d’accompagnement opérationnel en mobilisant des équipes de professionnels hautement qualifiés qui vous aident à faire face aux urgences et à mener à bien vos projets critiques.

Consulting and staffing solutions for enterprise-level projects.

We provide a unique and flexible delivery model to help you address short-term skill gaps, deliver project results, and transform your organisation by creating the right team that can scale up or down quickly and cost effectively to fit your needs. 

When you need deep expertise and a tailored approach to managed solution consulting, you know Protiviti. But what if you need critical or scarce skillsets, help with implementing the right technology, optimising finance and accounting solutions, or finding the right partner to build a project team or outsource a business solution function?

Managed service solutions in France

Our approach

By partnering with our Managed service teams, you benefit from:

  • Access to the right talent at the right time with a custom-built team of specialists and support professionals
  • Cost efficiencies through the ability to scale up or down as needed or to outsource a function completely
  • Integration of consulting, operations and technology implementation
  • Experienced subject matter experts for unique and complex issues, on demand
  • Bandwidth to prevent burdening full-time employees to deliver on your key initiatives
Managed business solutions

Managed solutions value


  • Identify, anticipate and solve problems through transformation
  • Technology enablement through cloud, AI/ML, process mining and RPA

Operate Seamlessly

  • Manage or fix functions, processes or systems to free up your team to work toward your strategic goals
  • Gain efficiencies with the right resources at the right time

Build the Right Team

  • Access specialised skills that cannot be found on your internal team
  • Upskill your existing team

Specialised staffing services from robert half

We help to build the right team with right skills

Our Managed solutions provide access to a deep pool of specialised talent through our parent company, Robert Half. Robert Half’s staffing experts, combined with AI-based matching technology that incorporates decades of placement data, help build the right team with the right skills quickly.

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We help to build the right team with right skills

Notre équipe

Bernard Drui
Bernard Drui est Managing Director et Country Market Leader chez Protiviti France. Il a plus de 25 ans d'expérience dans le monde des affaires, travaillant avec une variété d'organisations pour améliorer leur performance par la gestion des risques, l'efficacité ...
Sébastien Vaillant
Sébastien dispose d’une expérience de plus de 15 ans dans le domaine de la gestion des risques, du contrôle interne, ainsi que de l’analyse et l’optimisation des processus. Il a notamment animé une série de téléconférences dédiées à la gestion des risques au sein des ...
Anne-Marie van der Vliet
Anne-Marie a plus de 20 ans d'expérience dans les secteurs du conseil et du recrutement spécialisé en Management de Transition. Depuis 2019, Anne-Marie a pour mission de promouvoir les solutions Protiviti en matière d'Audit interne et contrôle interne, de Risque et ...