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M&A Consulting
M&A Consulting


Every transaction is uniquely similar, what makes your unique?

Many organisations continue to increase their earnings through better managing their costs and balance sheets. But as global competition continues to intensify, investors and boards are demanding more top-line growth as a way to further increase shareholder value. Many are pursuing this growth in revenues and earnings through mergers or acquisitions, which are some of the more challenging endeavors any company can or will undertake.
These transactions are like assembling a complex puzzle with thousands of unique pieces. Companies considering such endeavors will need to consider the following to capture the targeted value:
  • carefully articulate a growth strategy that aligns with overall corporate strategy
  • identify the right markets and targets
  • define and execute a thorough but fast-paced diligence process
  • prepare a detailed integration plan by phases; and
  • follow up with a well-resourced and communicated integration execution across many complex functions, dispersed technologies and geographies

For these reasons, the need for guidance and lessons learned on managing through these transactions has never been greater.


“Protiviti successfully delivered four integrations simultaneously while standing up our M&A function – truly an amazing customer experience!”

CIO, Head of Integrations

Fortune 500 Tech Company


The Mergers and Acquisitions Life Cycle

Protiviti’s M&A framework provides a starting point for answering the core questions identified in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals – from due diligence to the integration of people, processes and technology, supported by key project and change management enablers.
Protiviti offers a unique approach based on decades of hands-on corporate leadership roles in transitions to help guide organisations through the rigorous and often chaotic Transaction lifecycle. Our M&A consulting team assists clients in all aspects of preparing, planning, managing, supporting, and cleaning up all components arising from integration or divestiture activity.
Our Playbook for Mergers, Acquistions, and Divestitures is a crucial resource for any company going through the M&A Process.


Our Service Offerings

Letting the dust settle from completing a transaction can take months, if not years, for our clients. On top of that, transactions can also bring added complexity to organisations and their various business units. However, when working with Protiviti, complexity becomes simplicity.


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The chaos, speed, and pressure that transactions bring can overwhelm organisations that do not have the proper protocols and procedures in place. When attempting to tackle transactions alone and unprepared, organisations realize that their transactions tend to fall short of their overall goal. With the help of our dedicated team of professionals, clients can feel that their business and people are in good hands throughout the entirety of their transaction.