AML & Fraud: No longer two worlds apart?!

AML & Fraud: No longer two worlds apart?!

Protiviti is pleased to announce this upcoming Financial Economic Crime roundtable meeting for decision makers on Tuesday 12 February 2019, for which we send you this invitation. We are looking forward to meeting you – leaders in the field AML, Fraud and Financial Crime – in the financial sector! During this meeting short presentations will be followed by statements and roundtable discussions. Please mark your calendar and register for this upcoming event.


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Keynote speaker | Fred Teeven
Fred Teeven, former politician (State Secretary of the Ministry of Security and Justice), crime-fighter, worked for more than 13 years as a detective and team leader customs investigations at FIOD (Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service | the Dutch Anti-Fraud agency) and bus driver. The man who faced many special decisions and has over 30 years of experience in the investigation and prosecution of financial crime, will share his experience and knowledge with the risks of financial crime.

The new financial landscape, an opportunity to team against financial crime

Established and new (fintech) financial services companies struggle with their fraud and AML risk appetite. New regulation is rapidly allowing more players in this market (PSD2) and more than ever before the gatekeepers should be aware of the zero tolerance against fraud and AML. An overview of this changing landscape and the results of Protiviti’s global Fraud survey.

– Owen R. Strijland (Protiviti, Director Fintech Services)


Roundtable discussion


Embed technology and detect financial crime

Inventive forensics software can (better) protect your organization against financial economic crime risks. The ideal solution supports the full FEC risk management process from i) detection and assessment of risk signals, to ii) handling, investigating and mitigating the risks identified in the ‘true positive’ alerts. This session will explore the different approaches and corner stones of these 2 distinctly different phase in the full process and will cover:

  • The various detection mechanisms and their purpose;
  • How to shape and evaluate signals into validated alerts automatically;
  • Which context is relevant for initial assessment and handling of alerts;
  • How to position ‘data’ and ‘work flow’ in your investigation tools;
  • How to include proportionality of mitigation measures into your GDPR compliance framework.

Tames Rietdijk (BusinessForensics, Managing Partner)


Roundtable discussion


Financial Crime Training in the Convergence Era – Building a Training Program for Current Realities and Future Threats

While critically important to the success of a compliance program, employee training can sometimes be overlooked and under-resourced by financial institutions. How does your training measure up?

This session will explore strategies for implementing a training program that meets the current realities and heightened regulatory environment and will cover:

  • How to work within budget constraints and maximize tight resources
  • Adapting training to regional regulatory expectations and on-the-ground realities
  • Techniques to drive engagement and deliver more tailored training
  • How and why broad-based financial crime training can help counter emerging risks

Hillary Rosenberg (Standard Chartered, Global Head of Anti-Bribery and Corruption)


Roundtable discussion


Better safe than sorry | make your weakest link the strongest

The use of fraud detection provides a great deal of insight into deviations in processes. Yet for many organisations, it also creates an obligation to investigate those deviations in order to be compliant with laws and regulations. In the following, Hoffmann elaborates on one particular fraud investigation.

- Martijn van de Beek (Hoffmann, Managing Director)


Roundtable discussion

Closing Drinks


The presentations will be held in English. The event is free of charge. Limited availability and attendance to this event is by invitation only. If you did not receive an invitation, and would love to join: Send your request to and/or sign up for this roundtable by contacting Peggy van Berkel-de Graaf ([email protected] | 020-346 0400). More details will be sent to you after registration.
NB. Registration Consent: If you register for this event, Protiviti may share basic participant information (your name, company, email address) with the other speakers/event partners (ACFCS, Business Forensics and Hoffmann) of the same event, for the purpose of communication and the exchange of ideas. If you choose not to consent or to provide this personal data, please inform Peggy when registering for this event.

12 Feb 2019
02:00 PM to 06:15 PM CET
Protiviti Amsterdam Office
Gustav Mahlerlaan 32
1082 MC Amsterdam
Event Role
Risk, Compliance and Legal
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 2:00pm to 6:15pm