Emergency Management Solution for Healthcare Organisations

As we continue to face an unpredictable pattern of emergencies stemming from natural, human and technological events, the COVID-19 pandemic — for however long it may be with us — will likely continue even as other emergencies (such as hurricanes, wildfires, floods and flu season) arise, which complicates healthcare organisations’ plans for every potential event. Healthcare leaders are seeking a solution to facilitate emergency management.

The Protiviti Emergency Management Solution (EMS) is a single, comprehensive way to support organisations and command centers through all aspects of emergency management. As a leading comprehensive EMS for the healthcare industry, this solution enables healthcare organisations to plan for, manage and recover from emergency incidents effectively and efficiently. Content-centric and workflow-driven, the Protiviti EMS is an enterprise application that automates all emergency management tasks.

The Protiviti EMS:

  • Fosters collaboration while facilitating a shift in organisational culture toward proactive, continuous compliance
  • Provides on-demand reporting from real-time data to promote active involvement among all users
  • Centralises documentation, resources and best practices, audits, and analyses in a secure repository accessible to all staff
  • Tracks emergency management activity and secures quality and emergency management data in a single web-based enterprise application
  • Includes Protiviti consultative guidance that will help improve your processes, close gaps and derive the fullest value from the solution

The Protiviti EMS simplifies your emergency management response even as the pandemic compounds other hazards. In acquiring the Protiviti EMS, you will also be gaining a lasting asset to strengthen emergency management processes for recovery in the years to come.

The Protiviti EMS allows healthcare organisations to:

  • Automate hazard-vulnerability analysis
  • Manage the complexity of planning for and responding to simultaneous emergency events
  • Conduct all emergency management activities from one centralised system
  • Free team members from routine tasks to focus on decisions informed by analysis
  • Assign ownership of tasks and documents among emergency incident participants
  • Access hundreds of automatically updated policies and standards, procedures, forms, logs, and tools
  • Use audit and drill results to identify training needs and maintain necessary training guidelines
  • Identify deficiencies and gaps in emergency plans and responses
  • View real-time progress and status information on demand
  • Demonstrate fulfillment of performance and accreditation requirements

The Protiviti EMS includes:

  • Consulting Services and Support:
    • Guidance from seasoned consultants in healthcare, emergency response, compliance and information management in identifying your priority focus areas and closing performance gaps
    • Guidance to integrate fragmented and siloed processes
    • Guidance on best practices and assistance with creating required documentation
    • Support for updating emergency preparedness plans following submission of after-action reports
    • Assistance with business impact analyses as input to business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan: Enables development of facility-specific plans, including updated templates your team can tailor to your organisation
  • Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Automation: Calculates risk probability and severity for your top potential events
  • Automated Audits and Assessments: Measures gaps and deficiencies, directs training for greatest effectiveness, and provides templates for community-based drills to prepare staff and community
  • Auto-Generated Corrective Action Plans (CAPs): Generates CAPs automatically from any instance of noncompliance, from audits and drills, from recommendations of event resolution management participants, or from independent action; uses Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) methodology to effect quality improvement and process change; addresses all accreditation requirements
  • Roles and Responsibilities Matrix: Identifies all command center resources, reporting hierarchy and areas of responsibility
  • Use of fully integrated library that functions as a resource center for policies, forms, templates and protocols, all of which are refreshed as new or revised requirements are released. Further, access to the library as a repository that secures your organisation’s emergency management documents to help demonstrate compliance at all times and to document demonstrable gains in quality improvement:
    • Facility-specific policies and procedures
    • Staff preparation documents
    • Committee meeting minutes
    • Community links
    • Memorandums of understanding
    • Job-action sheets
    • After-action reports
    • Supply chain resiliency plans
    • Business impact analyses
    • Business continuity plans
    • Recovery plans