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January 2024

Protiviti Leader Joins Nasdaq's TradeTalks on Technology

Sameer Ansari, global security and privacy lead at Protiviti, recently appeared on Nasdaq's TradeTalks to discuss the economic impact of cyber breaches and what 2024 will look like for budgeting and cyber strategy. Watch "The Economic Impact of Cyber Breaches" now.

Data Privacy White Paper

How data sovereignty and data localisation impact your privacy programmes

The concepts of data sovereignty and data localisation stem from a desire to keep data within a country’s borders for greater control. While the broad strokes of various privacy laws may be consistent across jurisdictions, governments will dictate the collection, storage and interpretation of their citizens’ data through constantly evolving privacy regulations.

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Flash Report: New European Union Regulatory Framework Addresses the Risks of AI

In the news: On December 8, 2023, after two and a half years of negotiation, the Council of the EU and the EU Parliament finally reached a provisional agreement on the EU AI Act. The agreement creates legislation that introduces harmonised rules and definitions for those using AI systems and putting those systems into service and bans certain types of AI practices.

Why it matters: The AI Act is the first comprehensive law in the world that impacts general-purpose AI systems and includes safeguards and prohibitions that will reduce the risk presented by AI for government agencies, businesses and individuals.

The bottom line:  The AI Act represents a game changer for organisations operating in the EU and could have a broader impact than many realise due to its extraterritoriality implications.

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Generative AI

CIO Priorities, Trends for 2024

In this recent TechTarget story detailing CIO priorities and trends for 2024, Protiviti Managing Director Scott Laliberte discussed why new GenAI risks require a review of governance frameworks and corporate culture. Business, he said, will "need to ensure new use cases align with the overall business strategy by partnering with key business executives. They may also be involved in establishing a solid AI governance framework. It will be imperative for CIOs to foster an ongoing culture of innovation, emphasising the symbiotic relationship between AI and human capabilities to build trust and drive the adoption of the new tools."

Protiviti's recent GenAI white paper discusses this, and more, in detail.

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By Damon Owen and Dave Cozzens

Building technology resilience is a continuous process. Technology resilience programmes call for diligent monitoring, constant adaptation to evolving threats and continual evolution to respond to a shifting threat landscape. To begin with, they require a strong business case and well-articulated benefits to secure executive commitment and programme funding. Then, continuous advancement of technology resilience capabilities is crucial to maintaining robust, secure infrastructure.

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By Darragh O'Grady

The ways in which individuals and teams in organisations work are generally recognised as critical to how modern enterprises can sustainably deliver technology. This is because this allows organisations to enable and delight their customers (both internal and external), while maintaining profitability and agility. But it remains challenging for IT organisations to achieve the value flywheel effect — the idea that the more we invest in technology, the quicker it should be able to deliver technology-enabled solutions.

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