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Welcome to the April edition of Industry Insights for Consumer Products and Retail.

As the eclipse's shadow disperses, we're reminded of the transformative power inherent in transitions. Just as celestial events mark shifts in nature, the retail and consumer goods industries undergo their own cycles of change. This month, we aim to harness this energy to illuminate new opportunities, guiding your business towards sustained growth.

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Sustainability: Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability is about balancing operations with intention to preserve and sustain economic, environmental and social resources. There will always be uncertainties about succeeding over the long term, yet there are many opportunities for those organisations that choose to embrace change and execute on new norms and expectations from stakeholders.

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Enabling Enterprise AI Adoption Through Next-Generation Governance

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly important in the enterprise, thanks in part to the rise of generative AI (GenAI). While not a new technology or concept, AI (including machine learning) holds tremendous promise to transform various business functions and activities worldwide — from accounting and finance to cybersecurity, customer experience and more. In boardrooms and C-suite offices everywhere, AI is inspiring conversations on reimagining how the business operates.

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